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Erathostenes experiment, 21.12.2014.



21.12.2014. I measured the length of the Equator.

I started measured in 11:52:11 hours. My coordinates are: 43.694640 N, 16.462156 E.

The average length of shadows was 2303 mm.

The angle between the hypotenuse and the rod was 61.5 degrees.


Cooperation has existed between me and two other schools. One is in Kalsdorf, Austria, and the other is in Petroupolis, Greece.

Kalsdorf sent your angle of 67.55 degrees, and Petroupolis of 61.3 degrees.

The coordinates of Kalsdorf are 43.694513 N and 16.462051 E. Distance of our cities is 371.83 km. The differential angle is 6.05 degree but the result was 22,125.42km. Double smaller.

Petroupolis has coordinates 38.0355 N and 23.674184 E. Distance of our cities is 873.83 km. The difference angle was 0.2 degrees and the length of the Equator was totally illogical and absurd big.

As I possessed data partner schools I tried to calculate the length  using their measures. Distance between Kalsdorf and Petroupolis is 1198.20 km, and the difference of their angles is 6.25 degrees. But, and this result was very bad. 69,016.32 km.

I'm sorry I can not offer better results.

I would like to thank colleagues for their cooperation, and all eTwinner a happy New Year.

 Daniela Ružić Mrak, PS kneza Branimira _Donji Muć





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What was the height of your gnomon Daniela?

Posted on 27/12/14 05:35.

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