Happy New Year from Ukraine

Merry Christmas from Ukraine


Quality Label

Dear partners,

I've got the Quality Label for our project. I guess, now we already have , at least, two Labels. So, we can apply for the European one.

What do You think?

Three videos recorded by Italians

 Dear friends my team has created a  Tv News about the ghosts we have described in our ppt, have a look and let us know!!!!

More about ghosts


Ghosts in our life


Some more presentations from Ukraine with ghost glossaries


"My ghost vocabulary", Odessa School # 10, Ukraine


"What's behind the castle's walls?", Odessa School # 10, Ukraine


Scary Glossary

Scary Glossary from Ukraine:


Ghost Glossary 3

Ghost Glossary from Ukraine:


ghost glossary from Ukraine 2

English-Ukrainian-Russian ghost glossary:


"ghost glossary" from Ukraine

"Ghost glossary" from Ukraine:


ghost lexicon

I think the idea about the lexicon is very good. I guess it would be interesting to give the words in our languages with the sounds and in Enlish with pics in the form of a presentation.

St. Valentine's Cards, Odessa School # 10, Ukraine


The city of Odessa, Ukraine

Haunted church, Ukraine


Italian students

 My chat does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow

Hello :)

 Hello everyone :)

My name's Izabela and I'm a music and English teacher at MZS 2 in Boleslawiec. 

Nice to meet you!

I hope that our cooperation will be very fruitful and that it will bring us lots of fun :)

See you soon,


how are you

 Hello everybody, I'm wainting for an answer from you, let me know

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