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Some days at Zeynep's

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Hello Zeynep and Merakli,

it is nice to see you. What did you play at the computer?

My grandfather had a peach tree in his garden, I really loved this tree - but I am sure peaches are much sweeter whne they grow in your region as you have much more sun ...

Posted on 25/05/14 20:16.

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Hello Barbara,we just played some kind of game which was about dressing the dolls in different clothes.Zeynep loved that game so much.I helped her to make some desicions easily.

Posted on 29/05/14 21:55 in reply to Barbara Klaassen.

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Do you know the book "Froggy gets dressed"? It´s very funny - I have 2 of them and send the second for your class (Serkan can bring it in two weeks emoticon

Posted on 30/05/14 10:58.

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