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Hi Sayhan and Merakli,

it seems you had great relaxing days. Seyhan, did I see corrextly, that you have an own PC in your room. WOW!
What are you doing with this computer - probably playing but anything else, too?


Posted on 30/05/14 07:45.

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Hi Sayhan,
You've got lots of toy animals - and two cute sisters. Are they always friendly and nice?
;) Birgit

Posted on 30/05/14 10:53.

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Hello Barbara,
Seyhan answered your question.He told me that he was playing with his computer and also searching his homeworks,watching videos and solving quizes.

Posted on 30/05/14 14:21 in reply to Barbara Klaassen.

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Hello Birgit,
They were Seyhan's neighbours.And Seyhan told me that they were allways friendly.But sometimes thay could be jealous.

Posted on 30/05/14 14:23 in reply to Birgit Glauner.

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