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Being A Traffic Detective...

In 25'th of May we had a guest in our classroom.He was a policeman and had come our class before 1 time.

On his first visit he had taught us some of the important trafffic rules.Especially how and where to cross the streets safely,on which side of the roads should we walk etc...

In this lesson we learned about the importance of seat belt.While he was speaking we realised that wearing seatbelt has a vital importance for the passengers.

And after the lesson we sweared  to be good traffic detective and obey the rules and also warn our elders when they made mistakes.Then got our detective identities and become a detective.

Merakli was out during these lessons due to a visit at İrem ÖZTÜRK's.As soon as he turns back we will inform him and led him understand  the lifely important traffic rules.

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Yes, it is very important to do all things for a safe journey - for example fasten the seatbelts.
As well keep your eyes open when you are on the street and be carefull!!!

Posted on 01/06/14 18:03.

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