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A farm to learn

On Thursday 15th May my class visited (without me – as I was ill) Ingenhammshof. Here not only children and young people but adults too can get to know about the way of life on a farm, and they learn first hand about the environment through close contact with lots of animals.

It was a pity I couldn’t go with, but my friends reported about:

First they learned theoretically many things about farm life:


  • Which work is to be done? (to grow grain, feeding stuff , fruits and vegetables, to farm animals)
  • Why do farmers have animals? (In order to make money and not as they are cute)
  • What animals are used for? (Milk, wool, meat, leather and much more)


But as well they had to do some practical work afterwards:

The cows were fed.

The geese, donkeys and the horses were led out to pasture.

Afterwards children fed the chickens and goats.

Food for pigs was prepared before the pigs were fed. The pigs smacked thrilled. That was very exciting.

After a lunch break we went to the stables.

Children mucked firstly out the stables and afterwards they spread clean straw.

At noon the class drove happily but also tired back to school.

There everybody snuffled and noticed that every child smelled like a farmer coming from the stables :-)

But see yourself:


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Wow! That sounds and seems like a good activity.You must be learn lot's of things about the farm life.I wish we had an oportunity like you around our school but there is not a convenient farm to visit.At least with your help we coul see what was going around.

And Stachel,please take care of yourself. Never go out without taking umbrella with you.Sprin season can cause some illnesses as you had!!

Posted on 21/05/14 13:41.

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I have to tell you I am feeling much better. Next days I will tell your what I did with Merve ... But now I have to rest a little.

Greetings your friend


Posted on 21/05/14 22:21 in reply to turhan öztürk.

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We wish you to get well soon.

Posted on 22/05/14 13:50 in reply to Stachel Hedgehog.

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