Moers - Me and my family I

Some children draw their families:




Stachel and friend

Our children painted Stachel and his friend, who went to Turkey


Hedgehog friends


St. Marien-Schule / Moers: Our school

We would like to show you some drawings we made. We painted our school. The building is red:



Most boys like to play football - they can do it in the breaks



Stachel - the "German" hedgehog



We would like to introduce our hedgehog. 


After some discussions we decided to give him the name "Stachel".


"Stachel" means spike. The name Stachel could be translated with SPIKY.


Here you can see Stachel with a friend of him - a little polar bear, dressed up as SANTA.

We are waiting for the parcel( the hedgehog,our guest)

 We heard that the parcel has been send. Irem and Esmanur dreamed about our guest...



As well some children draw themselves - those who are member of our twinspace can find them in pupils area.

We can start

 Our project is approved, Birgit is invited and now, we can start ...

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