Visit local library, writer´s museum, place of legend, theatre…


Visits to local libraries, writer´s museum, theatre or place of legend and exchanging presentations about the experience help integrating national and European diversity in the school curriculum and boost children´s interest in learning. 



Greece- Puppet show

The puppet show comes to our school from Despina Tsifetaki on Vimeo.

Cyprus - Theatrical Performance "Kastanomalousa"

The presentation of the book "Svajonių kalnas" Nida kindergarten LT

Book "Svajonių kalnas" ("Dream mount") presentation



 Excursion to the Thomas Mann Memorial Museum



One more Kontakaz visit
Cyprus - Theatrical Performance: "Avgerinos and Poulia"
Cyprus - Theatrical Performance: "Alantin"

At the theatre
Peter´s Adventure in Poland


Tomás Morales House Museum in Moya Gran Canaria Spain

On 22nd of October, pupils from San José Artesano School visited Tomás Morales House Museum after reading some of his poems in their classrooms and learning about his biography and Juan Ramón Jiménez. This school trip suggested in our projec planning is integrated in our learning situation for this term, "De Moguer a Moya".



At the theatre - Poland


Poland- Peter Pan
Cyprus - Theatrical Performance: "Trellantonis"
At the theatre - Poland
Benito Pérez Galdós House Museum


Around the visit this was the classroom learning situation created:

Cyprus - Theatrical Performance: "The New Clothes of the King"
Cyprus - Educational Visit to Limassol Public Library
At the Canarian History Museum, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Classroom learning situation:

Italy - visit to the public library Children went to visit our public library in Ragusa.




At the library

At Biblioteca Pública del Estado en  Las Palmas



Classroom learning


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