1st Wonders:The Highest Place Of Our Region


CYPRUS Ist Wonder:  Learning about village LEFKARA as the highest village of our region.


We collected information about architecture of houses and streets, the handmade laces women make, silver crafts and jewellery and the traditional museum of the community.









Please insert here pictures, presentations, videos ... about searching wonders in partner countries.
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 Our first wonder is Mount KARASENİR, being 1650 m. It is in our town but a bit far to the school.







Czech first wonder
The Polish team

Movie about the first wonder-Tower in Brodnica
Scotland The First Wonder

The Scottish Team



Our meeting ...Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic

 Today we talked about first wonder our country...


The Greek Team
The Slovak team - voting on the best 1st wonder of our region

Slovak team looking for the highest place

To school competition enrolled 30 candidates who want to win. Tomorrow will be all the pupils and teachers to vote on The most attractive presentation exploring the highest point of our region.


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