Musical/artistic intelligence

This type of intelligence has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms and music. Students with high musical intelligence are able to sing, play musical instruments, and compose music, they are also able to think in rhythms and patterns, as well as to recognize these and manipulate them. They will sometimes use songs or rhythms to learn. They learn best through sounds, repetitive patterns or memory rhymes. Some may learn best via lecture or while listening to background music. These students can prefer learning ideas by rote or by chanting, for example, in order to get the times table 'by heart', they respond to music kinesthetically by conducting, performing, creating, dancing.


Teachers can nurture this type of intelligence by integrating activities into their lessons that encourage students' musical intelligence by playing music for the class and assigning tasks that involve students creating songs about the material being taught or creating a musical about an episode in the history of Math, playing background music for various activities and different moods in the classroom


Here is an Advent Calendar for you from the Bucharest team.

Hover your mouse over the numbers and answer the questions! Even if our accent is not always perfect, we hope you enjoy it! 

Class 8B and Irina




French students present a few points of the french curriculum. These flipped lessons are short, and the aim is to give you a glimpse of what the french curriculum is.


Romanian students present different topics on geometry and more particularly on the golden triangle.


You can try to follow these explanations and answer to the questions in the file attached.

The lessons are on this thinglink interface, just click on the buttons to watch the lesson.


Evariste Galois

A video from the Italian team



Team 7C Bucharest Answers the Funny Riddles from the Italian Team
Frenchies working on spanish activity !!


We worked last week on the spanish activity about the different ways of writing the numbers among several civilizations.


Funny riddles
A challenge from ancient times


Try to solve the challenge expressed in ancient numeration systems. Enjoy.



Answers for the flipped lessons


1. For Florian, "How to factorise"




From Denisa and Daniela


2. For Mathis, "Pythagora's Theorem"



From Vlad and Luca


3. For Maeva, "Theorem of Thales"


From Paul


4. For Charles, "Powers":





From Radu


 5. For Hugo, "How to expand"



From Denisa and Daniela


 6. For Loic: "Inequations"

The answer is  [0,5]U[8,9]

From Mara and Ioana


7. For Square root Ninjas:


From Radicals' Friends

Radio show with the funny stories

Funny sketches

Who said Mathematicians were boring? Watch these sketches.




This new version on Viemo can be seen on ipads and cellular phones

FUNNY SKETCHES for AIMS from amadrigalenglish on Vimeo.

For Valentine's Day

x⁶ + 3x⁴ y² - 3x⁴ + 3x² y⁴ - x² y³ - 6x² y² + 3x² + y⁶ - 3y⁴ + 3y² = 1


Paintings from Greek team

Paintings with the Geogebra from the Greek team


The Four color Theorem


f from Anthoula Sofianopoulou on Vimeo.



Paintings of Students with the Four color Theorem

Sketches from the Netherlands

Here are the sketches made by the Dutch students that didn't make it to the final sketch... There is certainly some creativity in there...



Sketches From the Netherlands

The winning logo in Greece



Representing Numbers


A calligraphy project  representing numbers in ancient cultures.



The winning logo in SPAIN


The winning logo in Poland

The winning logo in FRANCE



This is the winning logo in FRANCE, the classic version could be downloaded in the  WIKISPACE



Maths in Art

Giacomo Balla was an Italian artist who often used concepts of math and science!


The winning logo in the Liceo Duni

The Portrait of Luca Pacioli
Maths in Art

 The Italian students have researched about the mathematics in art. They found out that many Italian artists have used geometrical shapes in theit paintings and sculptures.





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