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Some episodes in Marcus' life by the greek team

Please, watch it at prezi:


And another from ZooBurst

And another from ZooBurst


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Marcus Poncius Europaeus will be...

(thanks a lot, dear Joanna)






Salvete, amici! / Hi, folks



A Roman character joins us, but in the fact we don't know anything about him. How does he look like? Where was he born? Where did he spend his youth?


We have to solve all these questions and more!


So please, do your bit of help to build our Roman character.







 To do it, you can opt for taking part in at least one of the following activities:


  1.  Sharing ideas about Marcus' character: Add some suggestions about physical or psychological features of Marcus Poncius Europeus in this wall and in this another wall (Padlet). Remember that we must film a likeness character in every country, so we have to define precisely his phisical and psychological features!
  2. Drawing Marcus: You can draw Marcus as well and upload to this Gallery.
  3. Several episodes, one life: And finally you can participate planning how the different episodes of Marcus are connected each others as an integral life. In this case you have to:
    1. Create a team with your mates and define the mainline of Marcus' episode in your country. Write this mainline in a document.
    2. Upload your document to our wiki (see below)

We teachers will use this Diagram (from Cacoo) to join the different episodes)



If you want to know how these tools works; you can see tutorial at the bottom of this page.


Come on! our adventure has just began!


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Several Episodes, one Life

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