Welcome to VIOLA Project - Organization of our Twinspace



VIOLA project is a Comenius Project between Denmark, Spain, England, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy.


All schools involved in this project will collaborate to create a set of 'Values' that students across Europe believe are important, and ultimately our VIOLA Manifesto (Values In Our Lives Always) will be produced.


This will be the ultimate end-product of our project though the journey to its completion will require participation in a large number of varied activities and each school will take responsibility for at least one of those activities.




Work process:

We start with these nine values: Respect, Participation, Compassion, Courage to challenge onesel,f Responsibility, Perseverance, Honesty, Commitment, Tolerance and from this starting point we will try to establish how these can be taught within the school curriculum in a range of countries across Europe.



Expected results:


It is our intention that ALL participating schools will have the opportunity to host visitors from the other schools.

Our VIOLA Manifesto is something that could be adopted by school throughout Europe at many levels: STUDENTS, PARENTS, TEACHERS, STAFF AND  ALL THE COMMUNITY.

With the use of Social Networking tools, we have absolutely no doubt that the dissemination of our end products of the project will reach a massive audience. We will also use our own wide networks to spread the word of the project as far afield as possible


Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Drama, Ethics, European Studies, Foreign Languages, History, Media Education, Music, Psychology, Social Studies / Sociology, Special Needs Education.


Languages: EN 


Pupil's age: 6 - 18










Our Twinspace can be read as follows.....

One page , one country: on each  page, you'll find the presentation of each country, of the students and of the school as well as the different activities led in each country.

In addition , there's a section called  Ideas for Values in which you'll read  useful ideas to share resources that were used and created in the schools in order to illustrate and define the values 

A little further, there's a page for each mobility: as a matter of fact, each mobility was characterized by an associated theme and a specific activity linked to the theme.


Our final collaborative outcome: our website with our VIOLA Manifesto.