during October:
  • we welcome any other partner-schools to participate and
  • students awareness - all partners (teachers) inform the participating students about our partnership, the project description and their duties
during November: 
  • we introduce ourselves through a presentation or a video (each person) and present our school and our town (only a video/presentation) 
  • we answer the question "What is a bell for us in everyday life through texts, paintings, illustrations, mind maps, presentations, videos etc...
  • upload the above results on a common platform and comment them.

Every school is developing the same job and the others read and comment the works of their "classmates".

 during December: we build (we gather the questions) and fill in an on-line questionnaire, 
during January: we make the data analysis and we present the results  on the common platform
during February: we present the results  on the common platform
during March: we present our work to the other pupils of our schools and school authorities and we upload the documentation of these actions, 
during April: we make a chart or a list etc with tips on how we could become more responsible  
during May: we valuate the project and disseminate our experiences