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Pi Day


March 14 or 03/14 was one of the eventful days at our school. Why? The date corresponds to the Albert Einstein’s birthday and to the number pi which starts out 3.14. On that occasion we took part in numerous activities . Some of us did pi crosswords and created a pi poster while others made pi cards with wishes and greetings. All the participants were awarded with pi sweets and a nice teacher’s





Celebration of Pi Day



To raise an interest and awareness of this irrational number two volunteers   read the poem tilted Pi. We are very proud of it because it was written by a Polish poet, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature:










Wislawa Szymborska


The admirable number pi:
three point one four one.
All the following digits are also initial,
five nine two because it never ends.
It can't be comprehended six five three five at a glance,
eight nine by calculation,
seven nine or imagination,
not even three two three eight by wit, that is, by comparison
four six to anything else
two six four three in the world.
The longest snake on earth calls it quits at about forty feet.
Likewise, snakes of myth and legend, though they may hold out a   bit longer.
The pageant of digits comprising the number pi
doesn't stop at the page's edge.
It goes on across the table, through the air,
over a wall, a leaf, a bird's nest, clouds, straight into the sky,
through all the bottomless, bloated heavens.
Oh how brief - a mouse tail, a pigtail - is the tail of a comet!
How feeble the star's ray, bent by bumping up against space!
While here we have two three fifteen three hundred nineteen
my phone number your shirt size the year
nineteen hundred and seventy-three the sixth floor
the number of inhabitants sixty-five cents
hip measurement two fingers a charade, a code,
in which we find hail to thee, blithe spirit, bird thou never wert
alongside ladies and gentlemen, no cause for alarm,
as well as heaven and earth shall pass away,
but not the number pi, oh no, nothing doing,
it keeps right on with its rather remarkable five,
its uncommonly fine eight,
its far from final seven,
nudging, always nudging a sluggish eternity
to continue.

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PI Day in Romania

Flower in GeoGebra


This is My Garden




Gardens in Geogebra

On this blog we can share our experince in using Geogebra and we can propose activities.


I propose four activities:


1. Construction of a garden in GeoGebra using polygons and symmetry without using moving points.

 French Gardens-GeoGebra Example 1:


 2. Construction of a garden in GeoGebra using polygons and symmetry using moving points. 

 We can use a basic model and modifying this one, each student will create a personalized garden. Example 2.


 3. Construction of a garden in GeoGebra using polygons and symmetry using moving points and the option "Animation on". Example 2.


4. Creating a presentation with student materials (using ppt, video, calameo, etc.) and share it in this blog or in an external (useful for other students/teachers too).


Example 2:

Imaginary Garden


This is a Java Applet created using GeoGebra from - it looks like you don't have Java installed, please go to


Mihaela Git, November 10, 2013, Created with GeoGebra


Waiting for your opinions.

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