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Four little PT movies with Demjan's music

 Hi partners!


The PT team added Demjan's music to four short stopmotions made by the little ones from class 5A.

 Hope you enjoy! 






  The PT team 
The so expected new releases

 Hi everyone!


Finally! We are now proud to announce the release of five new movies!


These will probably be our last co-productions for our "Soundtrackers" project. The school year is almost ending so there's no much time left to co-work with you. :(








Enjoy! :)

PT team




New releases







A NO-PT co-production





Hope you've enjoyed our effort, Norwegian team. We used your sounds!

It was really fun to do this movie! 


The Portuguese team



Bird + Cat + Troll

The norwegian team has taken the sounds created by the portoguese team and created this strange movie/improvisational theatre piece called BIRD + CAT + TROLL. We think the result was.. interesting


You can find it here (quicktime format) !


-The Norwegian team

Our first soundtracks!


 Look! These are our very first soundtracks.

We used the animations made by the Latvian team. Thank you Latvia! 





If you want to see how we did it, please go to the "HOW WE DID IT" page.
Hope you enjoy our work! Please leave a comment. 


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