Quality label Romania!


 We are very happy because we receive the Quality label for this project, too!



Quality Label Spain!!

 We got it!!   


10 tips final task
Do's & Don'ts (part 2)
With Polish language


Hello everyone!


I've been thinking about the final activity. It aims to be a summary of the whole school year.

We've done many things in the class.

I think we will use a Prezzi presentation to explain the 10 tips our children have been doing to be eco-friendly.


What do you think about these ones:

1. Create artcrafts by means of natural elements (Christmas cards, etc)

2. Recycle: the use of different bins in the classroom.

3. Recycle2: making paper out of newspapers or magazines, using the bottle caps or corks for maths lessons...

4. Plants: taking care of them, water them...

5. Animals: taking care of them.

6. Energy: electricity. Switch off the lights...

7. Energy2: water, don't waste it, turn off the tap...

8. Earth: logo. Reflects the world our children want: clean, green, blue, sunny, plants, trees, rivers, happy people....

9. Share your ideas: videoconferences, partnership on etwinning (teachers, students...)

10. Dissemination: posters, walls, class blogs, videos.... Spreading our ideas for others to imitate.


Do you agree? Only 10 are necessary.




Do and donts in many languages
DO's and DON'Ts list


Poland-Spain Videoconference

 We are very happy to show (finally) our videoconference clip!



Ewa and Winnie the Pooh Group from Poland


Activities in May.

 Dear friends,


May is almost here, and our project is nearly finishing.


There are three activities left:


- To choose the project logo designed by Poland and Spain

- To dos and don'ts lists (in English and in our own languages)

- The ten tips presentation (done by together)


I know everybody is busy. So, I can put all the work together if you want.


- The dos and donts lists: send me (in word format) your lists in English and in your language. We will make a book. You can send me a photo of your class too.


- The ten tips. Send me and image per tip (3 maximum) and a sentence en English and your language related to the image.

For instance: Image: Your classroom with the windows open on a sunny day. And the sentence: "Turn off the lights when you don't need them (English). Apaga las luces cuando no las necesites (Spanish)"


On reply to this post you can write the sentences you've chosen and your opinion about the logo.


Kind regards

Videoconference Poland-Spain

 Here is the videoconference between the Winnie the Poohs (Poland) and the students from Argantonio Primary School (Spain). Courtesy of Mrs. Mary Carmen Alcántara.


LOGO from Spain :)

Hi, everyone!

This is our 10 tips logo.

The process and activties have been the following:

- Brain storming about what a beautiful planet should be. The outcomes were: a clean river, flowers, trees, happy children, no trash, colours we were going to use (Vocabulary in English: the colours, planet, flowers, tree, boy, girl, river, apples, butterflies)

- Worksheet with vocabulary: picture dictation (What colour is our planet? green and blue. What colour is the river? blue... etc)

- Copying the picture from the model. 

- Colouring

- Scanning, adding the etwinning logo and the flags


Easter Cards From Poland

 Hi all, 


My children (Winnie the Poohs from Poland) have strongly insisted on preparing Easter Cards for all Project groups. They are actually making them...  As soon as they finish they will be  ready to be sent ! Anyone interested?;)))




Winnie the Poohs and Ewa

10 tips student's card.

Hello everyone,

We have made our own student's card for the project. We have the template. We will upload it here, we have edited them with the Microsoft paint programme. 

Logo from Poland

 Hi there,

Here is a logo for our project from Poland:






We hope that you like it.


Ewa and Winnie-the-Pooh Group

Romania-Spain videoconference 19-02-2014
Spain-Croatia videoconference on Valentine's day


Friday 14th February, day of love and friendship. 

The school PO Cipelica from Cakovec, Croatia, and the school CEIP Argantonio from Castilleja de Guzmán, had a meeting online.


The students introduced themselves, showed their classrooms and sang a song in their mother tongue. 

Then we sang 'Head and shoulders' together.

Finally we showed our hearts.


Although the sound in Spain wasn't very good because of the internet conection, the experience has been great. 


Here you are the video made by teacher Mary Karmen, who chose a Croatian song as back sound. 

Hope to meet you again soon.



Spain wants to videoconference.

 Greece thanks so much for your letter. It arrived safe and sound 


Well, while we are preparing our next activity of the common song in different languages, and the design of the logo of the project, would you like to video conference with us.


We usually use skype. The name of the school in Skype is ceip.argantonio

If there's any problems we can use mine. We shall see how it works.


All video conference must be planned, and decide what are we going to ask, do or say. We can present some of our classroom works. Or we can sing a song...


Any more ideas?


For us it would be fine in the mornings (from 10 to 12 and from 12:30 to 13:30). We can arrange the time.


We can split in teams, and spend only half an hour as maximum for the first time.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Carmela xxx




1. Teachers' meeting on entwining forum and email.

2. Working on the idea of the project and activities to be done.

3. Presentation of schools and countries (some countries will do it after Christmas). Use of ICTs (youtube, prezzi, slideshare…)

4. Class group images and videos. Multimedia outcomes.

5. Making Christmas cards made of natural and recycled materials. Recording of the process.

6. Posting of the Xmas cards.

7. Dissemination of the activities- class blogs, school websites, class walls, etc.


2nd and 3rd TERM ACTIVITIES: So, lets decide what is the timing of the next activity, we can vote:


- The project logo (by 1st half March?) How will we procedure? One per country? Vote one?

- A common song and a video conference. Action song… (2nd half March?)

- Preparing a list of do and don't's when dealing with environmental issues. (In all languages and English, the language of work) Presentation of the lists. (April?)

- Land Art, going outside and make some Art with natural materials, or make small scent bags filled in with scent herbs (rosemary, lavender, etc) for instance. (May?)

- eTwinning displays at all schools.

- Dissemination of the activities. (May-June)

- Evaluation of the project and application for Quality Labels.


Feel free to comment this information if you don't agree or want to add something else you've done at your school.

Christmas cards arrived to Spain

Thanks a lot for your beautiful cards, Croatia and Romania.


It is amazing how you did your own paper, Croatia.



Xmas cards for Spain on PhotoPeach

ECO Christmas Cards


ECO Christmas Cards from Poland!  



We are pleased to announce that we have finally finished making Christmas Cards for you!



Here is the whole group with the cards.



but...let's have a look at some of these cards in detail and see what ECO materials they use. 




This card was made of tree bark, some small branches of ever-green tree,  burned-up matches, and some cotton pads. Of course there's some glitter and some tin-foil too.






This beautiful card of Santa Claus was made of some cotton wool, red cardboard paper, black pepper, rose pettals, a bey leaf, pieces of coconuts, asparagus and recycling paper. Mind you- no glitter here;)






The Snowman Card was made of cotton pads, black pepper, bey leaves, spurce tree and silver glitter....again.






The Winter Countryside Card was made on a recycling paper, ink design was added next,

spurce tree and house made of matches. We've also used some recycling material for the Star of Bethlehem. Finally, we use a lot of glitter ;)







The Green Christmas Tree Card was made on and of recycling paper, some natural fabric was used and a lot of old buttons. We used some tin-foil for presents and stars and rubber stamps were used as well! And of glitter of different colour...






For this card we use small pieces of spurce tree which we glued fo recycling paper. As a backgtound we use some white rice, red and blue paper mashe and something we found in boys tray- we don't know what it is! There is a golden ribbon to decorate our Christmas Tree 






This card we made using old and forgotten table cloth which we cut around using special scissors. We added some stars and a little green ribbon imitating ever-green branch. The sign Wesołych Świąt (Merry Christmas) is made of  recycling fabric.








This card was made using recycle materials, paper and some food. You can see here pieces of rice, pepper and even small mushroom! 




And here is a collage of our group with ECO Christmas Cards!



  (click on the image to go to photo gallery to see all pictures in more detail)



Merry Christmas !!!


from Winnie the Pooh Group.




P.S. Just to let you know that our Cards will be sent this Wednesday.




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