Four seasons in seven cities


Year 4 City Twinners from Ldv school take pictures in Paris during Springtime


here the photos hunters City Twinners from LdV (year4) share their pictures taken in these last days of winter in Paris...

Year 4 explore and investigate how is the NAture in Winter in the City Garden 'Catherine Labouré' . here some pictures!



Here some pictures taken by the small reporter from year 4 LdV in PAris searching for image of Autumn in the city....

We also analyse this pictures with the help of a photograph pupil's father and we discuss a lot about some important elements should be in the pictures: Autumn and City so we decide some of them have to be delete or remove in another album 'Nature in the city.....we'll do soon! In the meantime try to guess which one are the good ones!

November feelings by fifth graders in Helsinki.

Password: nov2013 


November feelings 2013 from T T on Vimeo.



 Fantastic ! We love it!

4th graders from Rome


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Autum in Madrid - CEIP Ciudad de Zaragoza 0 1
Autumn In Belfast
At Foundation Stage children have enjoyed exploring signes of Autumn through Nature Trails. In both Year 1 & 2 children have completed Art work, ICT -Computer Based Autumn Pictures and Literacy, Numeracy and World Around Us activities linked to Seasons and Autumn. In Term One, children in Year 4 - Key Stage 1 have been studying "Trees". In this folder we have attached some photographs of the Nature Detectives hard at work! :)

Subfolders: Tree Study - Year 4
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Autumn in Egaleo - Athens 0 3
Autumn in Paris year 4 LdV
Selected pictures taken by children after discussion about the important elements for a good photo 'AUTUMN IN THE CITY'
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Autumn in Paris year5 0 1
Autumn year 1 LdV Paris
here a PP about a visit to the city park by year 1 teacher Nicoletta
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Guess the city! Where is Autumn
Look at the picture and find out in which of the 7 cities has been taken!
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SPRING at the Balzani school
Some of the pupils' works regarding the changes they noticed in the garden when Spring arrives

Subfolders: drawings and captions
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Spring in Helsinki 0 1
year 4 LdV pictures hunting
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The myth of Demetra and Persephone
The children of the 2 fourth grade classes worked on this class project in English class and in their computer class during spring of 2014. After having done a lot of work about the four seasons, they wanted to share the Greek myth of Demetra and Persephone with you. It gives an explanation of why we have the four seasons
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Winter in Paris
Pictures hunting by some City Twinners year 4 LdV school
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In a few shots the Year 3 children at work to learn how to take pictures. The setting is the Balzani school garden.

Subfolders: Learning to take pictures
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inverno a Parigi classe V LDV Parigi



Winter almost Spring in Paris in the pictures of the students of class V LDV Paris


autmn in the city classe V LDV Paris

Caricate completo! tuo video sarĂ  dal vivo a:

AUtumn in a Parisian Park by year 4 LdV

Year 4 went to Jardin Labouré during the Autumn season: it is a nice park just close to the school.

 Children observed, smelt, drew, touched, registered datas, collected mushrooms and leaves and found ispiration to wrtite poems! Finally... a little  it of sport and games! When pupils came back to school they drew the itinerary and had a videoconference to their friends in Rome who found the place using google map! here the pictures::


Autumn in Rome

 Pupils in class 4 started to search poem about autumn in the city but as they could not find anything thay decide to invent poems on their own. Then went around with their cameras to took pictures on how is their city during november and then added drawings. In some pages you can click on the cloud and listen to the chilod reading the poem. Unfortunately they are in Italian and we still didn't find time to translate the poems,, but it will be done during holidays! Enjoy!



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