Favourite characters!

 Our students have chosen to present their preferences of characters.

They were very creative and resourceful so don't hesitate to watch them on

Twinspace in project activities and youtube - adam jezierski filmy Polska!

Congratulations guys-it's been awesome!


Polish cartoons and film characters!

 The students of SP1 Sanok presented their favourite choices of Polish heroes from fabulous cartoons and amusing characters.

We encourage everyone to watch them on Twinspace in project activities                 and have great fun!!!


 Hello everyone!

We're glad to announce that everyone who is interested in sharing own preferences about favourite songs from funny cartoons and film characters may join us and perform the choices of your country.

First of all, we are going to present some posters,drawings,photos and short presentations about our choices of songs and film characters - 6th of November.

Second of all, we will choose and perform our choices of favourite film songs and characters from the countries we belong to-30th of November.

And the last part is going to about presenting and showing the favourite choices from all around the world.

All of the performances may be shown by dressing up the children for the characters and enjoy singing,dancing,acting,presenting funny stories and drama in front of the audience(parents,teachers,the other students - 20th of December.

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