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We need

All the smells,
All the textures
All the tastes
All the colors,
All the flavors
To make Europe
A sausage continent


Slovenia sausage --> France evaluation


We proceeded to the evaluation of  the slovenian sausages on 12 november 2013, by 2 jurys.

Here are the results of the official one.

Members of the jury


Mrs Evelyne Sahki (Secretary)Mr Laurent Tisseyre (Cook)





Physical data


Dry sausage
Length 11 cm, diameter 2.5 cmweight 51 g


Smoked sausage
Length 12 cm , diameter 3.5 cmWeight (x2) 160g (1 sausage 80g)



Tasting the sausages




The results


The evaluation of the sausage is based on 6 critera : Taste, Smell, Texture, Color, Smoke, Spice


Dry sausage13.3/206.7/10
Smoked sausage14.6/207.3/10




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UK Sausages

We will send these in January.


Happy ' Sausage'  Christmas to you all.

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