Music in the city


Flash mob in Paris- centre Pompidou

Flash mob in the Roman park

 20 may 2014: flash mob day!!

In Rome we've perfomed the common music on a coreography that wants to mean unione, meeting, greetings, in the park near the school



Flash Mob in Egaleo - Athens

And in Egaleo we are in the final effort to choreography in a public space (a small square - playground) near the school.

We will video the students on day that in neighborhood there is an outdoor farmer's market.

Flash mob rehersal

 today we've finished our coreopgraphy! ready to perform on 20 in the neighborhood and on 30th in Paris!


have a loook

may be because...

From London pupils we've learnt the song " Because I'm a Londoner"

In Rome, children of classes 4 and 5 invented new words for the song 

" May be because we are Romans that we love this city.."

In this short video you can listen the song!

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