The Comenius project is coming to an end...

 Gradually the project titled 'Environmental sustainability is our responsibility' is finishing and project participants have a lot of activities and events organized and performed to become more conscious and responsible towards environment. 



During European cooperation we have fully accomplished our aims and created these common and local project products and results:


  • Project blog where all information about the project can be found and downloaded by any person: photos of activities, materials, reports, results (see 'Blog' and 'Project activities' sections);


  • Environmental dictionary in 8 partner countries' languages;


  • Reviews of each country's environmental sustainability policies;


  • Local area environment condition survey results and comparisons presented in the video;


  • Local area and school area environment evaluation and improvement plans;


  • Brochure of local ecologically friendly manufacturers;


  • 'Treasure our Environment' resource with essays, PowerPoint presentations of natural areas, public speeches (speeches are available here;


  • CD of environmental school-wide campaigns;


  • Videos of presenting local environmental problems and offering solutions;


  • Comenius quiz;


  • Recipe book of traditional cookies;


  • 'Memory Album' with photos, representative materials.


All products are available on the blog and materials can be downloaded from 'Project activities' section. 


As the project coordinator I would like to thank all coordinators and their colleagues for their huge contribution and successful cooperation. Without you it wouldn't be possible! I am also grateful to all students: for your work, effort, time and energy spent. I hope that with this project we 'made a difference' and something changed in your attitude and way of thinking and understanding of the world. 

Final project activities

 The project is gradually coming to an end and partner schools are performing their final activities. These activities include planting of trees, bushes or flowers on the school territory, printing T-shirts with the project logo and making exhibitions of project activities and results in their schools and Town halls. 


Photos provide the insight into partners' performed activities:

















Environmental videos

 Partner schools filmed videos to show environmental problems of their local area and school area and provided solutions to the mentioned problems. Here you can see links to the videos.




















Visit to Poland, 22nd - 26th March

 Our Polish partner was to organize the 7th project reunion in the town of Bytom. All students and teachers stayed at a hotel this time as the Polish school does not have a big number of students. 


During the stay participants had an opporunity to get acquianted with the school which is a military one and enjoyed a military parade. 




School activities in connection with the project topic this time were group work on providing solutions to the environmental problems and a green fair during which students made salads from vegetables and fruit which ended with their degustation.






In terms of the meeting project participants visited the town hall and city centre of Bytom, and towns of Katowice, Krakow and Auschwitz.





Appreciating the topic of environment protection, the Polish host offered excursions to nature and landscape protected areas Dolomity and Zabie Doly. 




Thank you very much for your hospitatily and a wonderful time spent together!



Visit to Romania 14th - 18th January, 2015

 The 6th project reunion took place in Satu Mare, Romania. This time our group was rather big consisting of almost 50 participants. All students were placed in school dormitories. 



We were kindly welcomed both by teachers and students at their school which more than 100 years old.




This is a short video our Romania partner offered us to watch to get an insight in the country's cultural and historical heritage.


We were acquainted with traditional Romanian songs and dances presented by a local ensemble.



During this visit partner schools had to present their eco ads and discuss school environment survey results and share ideas of how each school can improve its environment.




Students also had a creative workshop where they used different seeds of flowers, plants, crops to create masterpieces on paper.




In terms of the reunion we had a visit to the City Hall, an excursion around the town of Satu Mare visiting several churches and a trip to the Salt Mine in Turda which was very enjoyable.






Inside the Salt Mine in Turda:




The teachers' and students' farewell parties were also full of fun! We are really grateful to your Romanian partners for their hospitality and sincerity. We enjoyed visiting you!


Project activities in November and December 2014

 In these two months partner school did experiments, mainly 2 of them - one with water to show how much drinkable water these is on the planet, and another one - with an apple to demonstrate how much land wr have for growing crops.


Besides that, students watched videos on about the topic of sustainability (ecology, alternative resources, wasting of resources, etc.) and completed tasks prepared by their teachers to check understanding and raise awaraness of these topics.


Meanwhile, students created advertisements on the topic 'Environment protection' and there were exhibitions of these works at each school.


Another important activity was to desing a school environment evaluation questionnaire, distribute these to students and teachers, collect them back and analyse the results. Apart from creating diagrams and tables with results for their presentation in Romania during 14th - 18th January, 2015, partner schools are also asked to mention what their school is already doing for the environment and add pictures. While having small group discussions, students will compare their results and share with ideas which will be useful for creating each school's environment improvement plans.


So let's have a purposeful and successful discussions and bring home new practical ideas!

Visit to Turkey on 8th - 13th October


Partners have returned from an adventurous trip from Turkey and have already started working on the next project activities and tasks. They are: watching youtube videos on the topic of sustainability, doing experiments, designing a questionnaire to evaluate school area environment and run an advertisement competition.


But let's have a look at what we experienced during our visit to our Turkish partner. First of all, we visited some sights in Istanbul like Topkapi palace, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar.



When in Biga, students have had presentations about eco-friendly companies and we tried EBRU painting on water which was so exciting!




The next day we went to visit 2 companies: ICDAS steel company and Biogas which uses animal manure in production. ICDAS company has received several environmental awards for sustainable manufacture.




Considering cultural sights, these are ancient cities of Assos and Troy which were visited. The ruins looked majestic.




The stay was wonderful as some of us have visited Turkey for the first time. I hope we will come to this exotic country some time!


The link to the video from our Turkish partners about how biogas plants work






Turkey reunion 8th-13th October

Partners are getting ready to meet each other in Turkey from 8th till 13th October for the fifth reunion in the project. Our partnerschool's host has prepared a wonderful programme during which we will visit Istanbul, Canakkale, Biga and Troy. 

This time our task for the reunion was to have excursions to local eco-friendly companies and prepare presentations of these visits. So, let's meet tomorrow in Istanbul!


The second project year has started!

 Summer holidays passed quickly and we can start working on realization of the second year activities. Some of them are:

- visits to local eco-friendly companies and manufacturers;

- watching videos on and doing experiments on the topic of environmental sustainability;

- analysis and evaluation of the school environment and development of its improvement plan;

- a competition on the best ads about environment protection;

- doing 'ecological footprint' activities;

- realiztion of wide-school campaign for initiating improvements in the school environment;

- creation of short films;

-planting trees on the school territory;

- a visit to EXPO MILANO 2015.


We are having 4 reunions this year and they will be to Turkey, Romania, Poland and Italy. I wish everybody a successful and fruitful project year!

The first project year is coming to an end...


It's time to draw conclusions after the first project year activities. Time passes quickly and the only thing that stays with us is memories. Teachers spent wonderful time together as colleagues and fiends, pupils broadened their knowledge and gathered experience, made a lot of new friends. 


From September 2013 till June 2014 we have organized 4 reunions: in Latvia (23rd-27th October), France (16-20th December), Germany (23rd-27th February), Spain (23rd-27th April). 


We have created the following project products so far:

- a blog was launched and is regularly updated with upcoming news and photos;

- a CD with each country's environmental policies;

- a brochure with descriptions of eco-friendly companies in each partner country region;

- a CD with 'Treasure Our Environment' resources (essays, PPTs of each region untouched places and filmed public speeches).


There is still much to do during the second project year but before we start working, let's take a short summer break! Thank you, dear everyone, for your effort, time and energy devoted for realizing each activity of our common project. I hope that next year will be much easier and fun for us! 


Your project coordinator (or as you call me 'mum') Julia.

Celebration of the World Environment Day


During the period of May and June, 2014 partner schools were busy organizing different activities and events to celebrate the World Environment Day which is on June 5. 


All partners chose activities appropriate for their schools, age groups of students and took into account their opportunities. At the end, everybody did a great job and had a unique celebration. 


Pupils of Kekava Secondary shool, Latvia drew posters and had a clean-up on the school territory which gathered students from grades 5-8 and 10-11.






On 21st May the same forms as well as elementary school forms from 1 to 4 participated in Aerobics' day event.






Elementary school students planted seeds to grow flowers. This is how it looked like:




The partnerchool Biga Mehmet Akif Ersoy Anadolu Lisesi from Turkey has made posters about environmental issues and sang the Earth Savers' song.






This is the link to their song:


Our Polish partner from were reading articles and discussing environmental problems.








The team from Euregio-Kolleg, Germany after a clean-up.


Visit to Spain, 23rd - 27th April, 2014

 There is no doubt that both students and teachers have spent a wonderful time in Badajoz and these memories will stay forever. Thank you, Jose Ignacio and your team, for these exciting moments!




Visit to Spain, 23rd - 27th April, 2014

 However, the most exciting activity for all participants most likely was the visit to Monfrague national park. To get there we travelled 200 kilometers ffrom Badajoz. But, nevertheless, it was worth it. We took a hiking trail 2 kilometers long to the top of one hill. So, it was mostly the road up with spectacular views on the lake, trees, bushes and flowers which aren't typical for other European countries and bird watching. 


It was a real paradise on earth! We could appreciate our mother nature and assure ourselves that we have chosen a meaningful project topic. Let's take care of and save our environment!






One of the project activities was connected with visiting a solar thermal power plant and its factory. We were shown equpment and told about factory's functions and working areas.


Visit to Spain, 23rd - 27th April, 2014

 Besides performing activities at school, we also visited the city hall of Badajoz. The mayor of Badajoz kindly welcomed us and wished a pleasant stay.




Then we had a guided excursion around the old town of Badajoz.





Our Spanish partner also allowed us to experience Merida with its Roman gladiators' arena and amphitheatre and Caceres with its narrow old streets.








Visit to Spain, 23rd - 27th April, 2014

 During 23rd - 27th April, 2014 partner countries gathered together in Badajoz, Spain to accomplish the last reunion of the first project year. 


Spanish colleagues have prepared a busy visit programme for us during which we managed to complete 'Treasure Our Environment' resource with filming of public speeches. So, the first day was spent at I.E.S. Rodriguez Monino school where we were welcomed warmly. 


Here are their two videos about Spain and their school:








Spanish colleagues suprised us with posters which were exhibited at the entrance. One poster was dedicated to one partner countries and reflected main facts about each country. It was tremendous work done!







There was also a meaningful picture depicting healthy and unhealthy environment, most probably done by students in a creative workshop.



The next day Spanish partner offered us a lecture on recognizing footprints of animals and birds. Afterwards, we created our own animal footprints with clay and provided animal footprint samples.







Map of partner countries and cities


Visit to Spain 23rd - 27th April, 2014

 Partners are preparing for the last visit this school year which is to happen in Badajoz, Spain from 23rd April till 27th April, 2014.




For this project reunion, all partner schools had several tasks to perform. In order to complete ' Treasure Our Environment' resource, partners ran essay competition on environmental issues and PPTs competition on untouched/natural places in their countries. The best essay and winner PPTs should be sent by e-mail before 23rd April and Spanish partner will collect them to store on one disc. By the way, you can also access essays and PPTs in Project activities section under the titles: Essays on environmental issues, PPTs on untouched/natural places.


Moreover, one more material for this resource - a public speech on environmental awareness will be delivered during the reunion and filmed. Afterwards, each project participant will receive this resource with students' wotks.


For now, let's get prepared for the reunion to follow and rich, exciting programme Spain is offering for us. See you all in Spain!


And, thank you, Jose, for the map which you created!



A diary of reflections on the UFO project workshop (26th February, Aachen, Germany)

 As far as teachers weren't supposed to participate in a workshop concerning the topic of sustainable cities, students were asked to write their feedback on the workshop they visited. This is what they said:


UFO – urban future outline is a research project which is developed at RWTH Aachen University.  The main focus topics are future mobility, future energy and future ecosystem. 

Aims of this research project are:

·        Models for new type of information and communication policy;

·        Derivation of combined stress-indicators and making them experienceable in a virtual environment;

·        User-centered coneptualization of the energy transition for the planning of energy systems.

After getting acquainted with the UFO project, we had a creative workshop where we all were divided in 3 groups and we had to brainstorm any kinds of ideas about mobility, energy and ecosystem. The aim of this workshop was to find out our knowledge about all these things and also search for new ways on how to suply cities with enough energy while being friendly to the ecosystem.

I think the idea was good and it was nice to hear different points of view and different ideas from different countries.

Madara Matisone, 18 years old, Latvia.


On one of the days in Germany we had a workshop. It was very interesting and well thought through. We discussed three topics: energy, mobility and urban climate. We had to split up in six groups. There was a table for each topic. For each table were assigned two groups. We would change places after 15 minutes to discuss another topic. At the end of all discussions 3 students from Germany presented the results.

I had a chance to hear new ideas. They were creative and practical. It was also a chance to share opinions and views. I had an opportunity to express my thoughts and communicate with different people from different countries.

Kerina Venskus, 18 years olds, Latvia.


The workshop was at the RWTH Aachen University. There we had a lecture about this university. RWTH Aachen University is one of the largest Technical Universities in Germany. After the lecture we had a workshop about environmental sustainability issues. We made posters about mobility, urban climate and energy with university students. In the posters we put some ideas what we can do to save environment, for example, ride a bike, create green areas in the urban areas. This workshop was a good opportunity to see how foreign students think, what kind of problems are there in their countries. After we had completed the posters, students from the Aachen University presented them.

Linda Skuja, 19 years old, Latvia.


During the workshop we listened to a very interesting presentation about the environment and then we had classes in groups. Something I learnt is the ways in which I can take care of and protect their environment. With this workshop stepped up knowledge about the environment around me.

The three main things that I understood

1) I realized that if we don't change our behavior with respect to environmental effects will be bad

2) Care of the environment is very important

3) Should change the means of transport to more environmentally friendly. In the future I will do in a more eco-friendly way instead drive the school by bus I will ride a bicycle. I will segregate the garbage.

Karina Rojewska, 17, Poland


During the workshop I shared my ideas and I learned sustainable energy sources,urbanization and energy production. I discovered 3 main things; Humans should plant tree for healthy and greenworld ,we should use solarpanels and collect rain water for save energy. And we should use public transport. In the future I will strive for a green world. I will use alternative energy sources at household and I adopt minimalist lifestyle.

Atakan Ceylan, Turkey


During the workshop we listened to various environmental projects. We did a poster of ecological issues and the use of green vehicles eg. a  bike, hybrid car,  electric car etc.

Something I learnt is ecological thinking and use of eco-innovations in life

The 3 main things that I understood

1.riding a bike is better than driving a car

2. sorting waste , disposal of organic waste

3. introduction of energy savings in new systems

In the future I will pay attention to reducing energy, electricity and instead of riding a motorcycle I will try to ride a bike.

Bartosz, 16, Poland


During the workshop i have learnt a lot about myself. I reflect about my behaviour on protecting the environment and the discussions with the other students have helped me a lot. At first I thought what please can I change to save our environment?


I can change a lot although i do not have so much money. For example separating my garbage or sharing a car. We as privat citizens have to change our environmental consciousness and of course the big companies which produce most of the pollution have to change their environmental consciousness, too.


Most interesting to me was the question how we can make our environment greener especially in big cities where is not so much space to realize it. We had many ideas to share and so we got a few solutions at the end.One of our solutions was to create green gardens on rooftops. Certainly we had more ideas but this one was the biggest to my mind.


Julian, Germany


For me this UFO workshop at the University of Aachen was very interesting. The thing I have learnt there is that we as individuals are responsible for the protection of the environment. We should try to use the public transport, not personal cars, and for short distances it is better to walk or use bikes. In order to save energy it is better to use solar panels.  

(Carla Nemes, 18 years old, Romania)



At Aachen University we took part in a seminar about environmental sustainability. After that we worked in groups and talked about three major issues: the mobility, the climate and saving energy. All these are very important in protecting the environment, and I have to do my duty to reduce pollution and all people work together to have a healthy and clean environment.

(Mark Kover, 17 years old, Romania)



In the workshop I learnt how much we people pollute the Earth, the environment, the nature. If each person does his part in protecting the environment I think the world will be a better place. For example each of us must use more public transport, can recycle the waste, may reduce energy by using solar panels and other things. We should all take care of our planet.

           (Dana Drgan, 17 years old, Romania)


The last day at the University of Aachen some students of this University divided the group of students of the different countries into three groups. In this groups we debated about different points of environmental sustainability and about what do we do that affect our environment. Something that I've learned was what we could do to preserve in good condition our environment. It was such a good experience and I think that it was great to see the different opinions and to talk with people of other countries.

Marina Fatuarte, 15 years old, Spain

For me , the experience of the Comenius Project was great , because apart from meeting people from different countries , I also learnt interesting facts about how to protect our environment . In our last day in Germany , we attend some talks in relation to the new sources of energy such as the renewables ones , and then , at the University , we were involve in a kind of project in which we had to give original ideas to improve the environment. So , from my point of view , Comenius is a useful experience in which you can learn a lot of things , and , at the same time , you can have a lot of fun.

Olalla Espada, 16 years old, Spain

During my Comenius experience in Germany and during the workshop activities at the university I had the opportunity to learn about the environment and environmental sustainability shown under different points of view , those of the representatives from eight different European countries.

At the workshop I saw it is possible for every single human being to influence the decisions of a community and I have also experienced that many factors are taking into consideration in these decisions.

In my opinion this experience has been really constructive, in fact I think that through the knowledge of environmental programs submitted by other nations we can build a solid basis on which to develop a project for our country.

LUCA, Italy


The workshop was really interesting and involving as we discussed various issues and tried to investigate which possibilities there may be to improve the situation of our cities with the knowledge available to us. We realized that, in order to have a modern ecological future, as we all can best imagine it, each of us must have a correct behaviour and commit personally.



Taking part in the ENSURE project in Germany was a great opportunity to consider the environmental sustainability of another country. What impressed me was the huge amount of bikes that we saw walking on the road. That's an important example of sustainable mobility supported by the Public Admistration in Wurselen and Aachen. It's curious to observe how buses work well in the city, so much that young people prefer to wait to take a driving licence.. (in Italy, every teenager is looking forward to being 18 and get it!).

From this fantastic experience I learned that sustainability is possible, we all have to invest on it. In particular, young people have to push for a positive change of people’s mentality, because sustainability is the only solution, an opportunity not to be missed.



During the workshop we learned how every aspect of our daily lives can be looked under many different points of view. We understood that men have made a lot of progress and much is still to be done.

However, the most important thing we learned is that only through collaboration we can come up with new ideas that will lead to concrete results.

Thank you for this experience.



I was a member of the Italian group of students who went to Germany for the Comenius Project.

Unlike people could think, environment, and environmental projects as well, interest young people. The workshop we participated in at the Aachen University showed us that we can do something to improve the ecological situation of our cities, not only using technology but also using the human sciences we are studying at school. This was a wonderful opportunity, together with the analysis of the questionnaires we did at school, to see an implementation of what we are studying.

MARA, Italy



My name is Matteo and I’m from Italy. In Germany I have had the opportunity to improve my knowledge  on the environment through a workshop carried out at university together with other students from 8 different countries, led by university teachers. In my opinion this was a beautiful opportunity because everyone had a chance to show his ideas about the environmental sustainability bringing some new input to get the situation better. We realized that all countries have similar problems, and more or less people in every cities have the same problems as far as mobility and energy savings are concerned. This is why it is important to work together to solve the problems.



In Germany I was amazed by two main facts: the huge presence of electrical vehicles and the fact that young people use public transport so much, without feeling a real need for a driving licence. Also in Italy, and in Lecco, we have electrical bikes and bike sharing: I hope we can develop a better mobility for the future because this would certainly improve our environment.




At the university, we had to listen to a speech about the UFO project.  The project’s name is Sustainable Cities.

Then we had to answer a quiz and we have done an activity.

For this activity we were in groups and there were three people, two women and a man. Each person spoke about a different subject:  Energy, Mobility, and Urban climatology. We had to speak about what we knew on these subjects and then we had to find innovative ideas.

Then we did a recap about what we said. Finally the two women and the man presented the recaps of the six groups. I found it interesting!

Cassie Mathias, 14 years old, France


At Aachen University, we spoke about climatology and economic problems in the world.



I found  it very interesting because it is important for the future and for us.

I understood that we have to use renewable energies to save the planet .


In the future, I will have solar panels on my roof. I have already tried to reduce my water consomption and use the bus more often.

Victoria, 14 years old, France


During the workshop at the university we exchanged our view points about urban climatology,  mobility and energy.

 We said we prefer the city to the country because there are shops. But in the city there are too many people, a lot of traffic and pollution. In the city, it's good to have urban gardening.

 We said we have to reduce travel by car because it polluts our planet. We have to use bikes, electric cars, trains, bus, or just walk. It's good to have a sharing car with neighbourgs because it pollutes less and it saves money.

 We said that we have to save fossil energy and reuse energy with natural elements. We talked about some renewable energies.

 Something that I learnt are new means of energy production and new transports means (like the electric bike).

 In the future, I will use carpooling with my friends and I will reduce my energy consumption.

Charline, 14 years old, France


Firstly, I want to say that I am lucky for taking part in this project. I have great friends because of this project and I am more aware about the environment. In Germany, we had chance to see an electric car and we had a workshop. We were talking about environmental sustainability in the workshop in groups.I learnt that we are responsible for better environment and we can act and change things.

Rabia Kor, Turkey


I am Efe from Turkey, it was a great experience for me after Latvia. I met my friends and we enjoyed our trip to Germany and a day in Belgium.At the workshop we had a discussion on sustainable energy and clean energy sources. I have more information about alternative energy than before. I will tell my friends about alternative energy sources and what I learnt in Germany. I will take part in environmental activities more often in the future.


Efe Erimoğlu, Turkey

Visit to Germany 23rd-27th February, 2014

 In terms of the reunion we have had an opportunity to travel to Belgium and visit Brussels, the capital of the European Parliament. It was such an experience to be in the heart of the place where all significant decisions are made. Participants inquired much information in the interactive museum of the Parliament as well.






And, of course, we had a guided excursion in the old town of Brussels to explore its beauty and history. 





We were offered a presentation of the CIVITAS project taking place in Aachen which deals with implementation of electrical vehicles in daily life. We were told about the use of electromobiles, e-bikes and future intentions to introduce electric buses the use of which contribute to sustainable traffic development in big cities.




On the same day teachers and students had a lecture at Aachen University telling about UFO project on sustainable cities. Project participants received valuable information on 3 main preconditions for any city being sustainable and, thus, environmentally friendly: mobility, energy and climate. Afterwards, to understand the topic deeper, students took part in a practical workshop.






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