We need a Logo!

And the winner is...


After collecting votes from  pupils (you can consult the results below in this page), there was a draw, but both logos are from the same pupil, ELA NUR. We teachers vote for one of them. So this logo will represent our project on COMENIUS

Due to the fact that in this logo there aren't  flags from all the eTwinning participants partners, we teachers decided to choose LOÏC SIZORN' logo (the third most voted) for representing our project on ETWINNING.













Please, click this link and vote THREE LOGOS AS MAXIMUM:





Dates to vote: 15th and 16th January

Only one vote by computer




Here you are the Logos with their numbers






Hi, friends!


As you know, we are a great team from different European countries who is trying to know more about Marcus' life. Therefore we need a common logo that identify our project...would you be able to create a logo for us?


Come on, we need designers who show their talent!!!


Please, follow the instructions:

 1. You have to create your logo. For it, you can use

or similar. You can even draw your logo and scan it.


2. Upload your logo with your name and country in this board of Pinterest.   To do it, firstly you need to create a account in Pinterest and then your teacher will invite you to participate in this board.


3. Express your opinion on Pinterest making comments to the logos you like. With your comments we will choose the top five!.


4. Then we vote the best and definitive logo between the top five logos.


Will your logo chosen to represent our project?