The idea is to introduce all the students playing a guessing game

in which they have to guess who is who according to a description.
For the preparation, it's necessary that teachers prepare

presentation in Power Point, Google docs,...
- 1st: Teachers take a group photo and copy-paste on a slide to

create a presentation (write one number for each student).
- 2nd: teacher duplicates the slide to obtain one slide for each

- 3rd: each student describes himself/herself.
- 4th: teachers copy-paste all the descriptions in the presentatation.

- 5th: teachers upload the presentation into SlideShare or a similar

one to obtain a code to embed into TwinSpace.
- 6th: students see all the presentations and try to guess who is


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Thank you for the instructions.
We are still working on the presentation about the summer holidays and as I am still waiting for the parents' permissions to upload photos, I'll need some more weeks to accomplish the Who is Who task
Greetings from Lousã, Portugal

Posted on 13/10/13 22:07.

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Who is who?


Who am I?

5 th class from Hrabina Primary school, the Czech Republic.


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Hello. We've seen your presentation. And our results are in the image gallery in the folder Portugalete (Spain). It's been very nice to meet you.

Posted on 16/10/13 20:15.

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Great news for us! Your answers are without any mistake!! We have viewed your presentation with 4 class today. Pupils are very pleased that they understand the assignment and they could meet new friends- no only
children as some photo in the textbook. I ´m going to have a lesson with just 5th class tomorrow. I think they will be thrilled. I'll show them your results.
Very nice to meet you too.

Posted on 16/10/13 21:08 in reply to Maite Elejalde.

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Very well done!. You also guessed all of them. Let's see if we do as well with the others. It's being enjoyable the activity.

Posted on 20/10/13 12:57 in reply to helena lazarova.

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