End of school year project.

 Dear all,


Thank you very much for your work.

If you want to take part to the last project before the end of the school year, you can add your work in "Project activities". 

Thank you very much for all the students.


Best wishes

Elisabeth Dovèze

Hello everyone.Please vote for our talent Aram MP3 #07

Vote for Aram MP3 #07

Hi from Armenia . We are glad to  participarte in this space.


 Thank you to Aytekin Ahmadova 

and their students because we tried to do a skype-meeting but it was 

difficult. We didn't find possible hours. 

Greetings from France.


 Thank you very much to Burcu, Ivana, Elisabeth (from Sweden) and their students for the very nice skype meeting! Congratulations!

Greetings from France. :)

Education Phases in our country and Our school's education
By (a student) Ulker Aslanli
Education in Azerbaijan.
Our school is in Ismayilly region of  Azerbaijan. Our school is called Ismayilli  Secondary School # 1 named after Israil Hasanov .Our school is public and co-ed school. It means both girls and boys study together. We don’t have public single sex school at our country. We have some private single sex school.
  I think that school is very   important for all people. Our school is big and this building has two floors. Our  school is 31 years old. It is not very old building.  We study Azerbaijani, Math, Geography, Music, Art, History, Literature, Sport, Biology. We choose one of the  three languages in our school: English, French or Russian.  ( but now students can choose 2 foreign, sometimes 3 languages.)There are Russian sectors in our school. It means that students in Russian sector learn all subjects in Russian. Students  study   either  morning or afternoon. The morning shift begins at 8 o‘clock and finish at 13 o’clock. When higher school students have the seventh lesson their classes finish at 1:45
The Afternoon shift begins at 1 o’clock and finish 6 o’clock. Our class study in the afternoon shift. One lesson is 45 minutes. And one break is 10 minutes. The biggest break is 15 minutes. After the all lessons teachers give us the home works. We do tests when we finish the half of the year.
There are sport hall , library, lunch room,(canteen) the teacher’s room, the director’s room and the “Akt”hall at our school.(where we have drama, events, competitions)
General secondary school education in the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three levels - primary, general secondary, and full secondary education, and general secondary school education begins with six years of age. General secondary school education is directed on important educational programs.The general secondary school education in the country effect in schools of general education, special resolve schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, the primary and secondary  work schools, as well as colleges and schools well-known under the portent of higher educational institutions.
There are some stages in education of Ismayilli: Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high schools, a technical school, and a newly opened college.
I know that education is very important for  our future life,job caree, parenting children, and being a good citizen for the community, country our establishment of the new improving world spice existence.
P.S .
 Going in for sports it is up to the student and his parents. It is not compulsory in our country. We have Olympic Complex in every region and cities of our country. Our Olympic Complex is called Ismayilli Olympic Complex. Many competitions take place here. On the 19th of November in 20013 we had Rhythmic Gymnastic Azerbaijan competitions here.  Kindergarten students who attend in the gymnastic class in the Olympic Complex take part in the competition.



  Dear all,


Please, if someone close the project, the other teachers and students can't continue it. Be carefull! 


Thanks for all and best wishes.

Elisabeth Dovèze


We are from Moldova

Hello, we are students and teachers from a small country Moldova,

we are happy to present our Country, city and our tradition.

Welcome to our beatiful Country!!!

Welcome to Moldova!!!



We welcome the Spring in Germany

We welcome the Spring and say goodbye to Winter. Near our city every people have a festival called Bavarian China. They wear clothes like people in China and there are a lot of colorful kites. Carneval has in my country a great tradition. In the video you can see the pageant.



this morning

 After rain  :The sun is shining.

I am happy

Des belles vues de notre ville

La ville de Bizerte ( Nord Tunisie)



I am Arda.I like swimming:)

0ur school

 Hello from Tunisia.

My beautiful city Gyumri


The region of Gyumri is mentioned as Kumayri in Urartian inscriptions since the 8th century BC. The first settlement at the location occupied by today's city of Gyumri is believed to have been founded some time in the 5th century BC, perhaps ca. 401 BC, by Greek colonists. An alternative theory suggests that the city was founded by Cimmerians, based on the fact that Cimmerians conquered the region in 720 BC and that the original name of the city was Kumayri, which bears phonetic resemblance to the word used by ancient Armenian in reference to Cimmerians. Historians believe that Xenophonpassed through Gyumri during his return to the Black Sea, a journey immortalized in his Anabasis.





Why not to make our own project song
Hello dear etwinners. Why not to make our project's song? Have you heard anything about "Playing for Change" music project? I have an idea. Let's prepare the words of our project song.Let each countrie's team sing a sentence from the song (add its national spice)and at the end join all parts make one music. (Or every country can sing the words in its language)
Hello,everybody !

 Hello, new friends.We are from School 220, Baku, Azerbaijan. We are very glad to be with you in this project.





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