We got the letters from our friends in London and in Rome. We are so excited and we answer with joy!

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From Romans

 A game book to play with our city!



Twinnings October

 Trying to prepare a list of twinnings as a wiki documents.. Please add your classes and check names and twinnings. Right Click on each square to select options: cell - properties - background colour to change the colour of each cell and give to each twinning the same colour


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Twinnings: same colour for established twinning work


KatajanokkaFerraironiLeonardoVicqCEIPSt. MichaelsCrownfield Egaleo
 Kinderg.G Antonella   

 Kind. -4


 Kinderg-H Antonietta BElena class     
  Year 1Nicoletta CP    
 Year 1 Pirjoyear 2 Paola D.Year 2 Giuseppe  Year 2 Laura   
 year 3 Patrizia Z.      
 Year 3 Susanna year 3Raffaella/Rosa CE1  Samantha 

Year 1 Leena

year 2 Tuula&Maria

year 4A Paola Ayear 4 Patrizia D.    year 3 Ben 
 year 4 B Marisa     year 4
 Year 4 Rosa  year 5 Belen   
 year 4 Maria Grazia Year 4 Dorothée    
Year 5 SoiliYear 5 Antonietta year 5 Gwenale   Year 5 Sally 
  Year 5 Simonetta      
Year 6 Tarja  year 5 Anna 

year 5 Belen

  Year 6Christos


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