Reading Club with families


Story sessions with parents and grandparents strengthen school community and enrich children´s knowledge through intergenerational learning and exploring cultural stories. Many partner schools have migrant children, familiar stories from their own background boost their interest and motivation in learning.








Grandmother from Poland helps with the Polish song.

Τραγουδι από την Χριστίνα from Despina Tsifetaki on Vimeo.

Grandmother helps the pupils to get to know Poland from pictures
Grandma tells a story of her childhood second part


Grandma tells a story of her childhood first part


Grandma tells old games


Meeting with an author


Heriberto Cruz is a singer who gives life to Canarian painter Antonio Padrón´s work, with his project songs " Canciones al óleo".

He visited our library on 23rd April,  World Book Day.

It was a pleasure to listen to  his songs and join his singing, a good opportunity to encourage children to create more poems and paintings and  improving their Communicative  and Artistic Competences.

Emotions obviuously arose and we all spent a very enjoyable time.



  "Niña de las mariposas" was our favourite song at first, but slowly we all became in love with other songs.



We ended up visiting the painter´s house museum and creating many poems and paintings!






10º eTwinning anniversay


Erasmus+ KA1- jobshadowing

Lithuanian teachers from SEND-Actively Seeking Inclusion visited our school, we welcomed them at our reading club, we told them about Once Upon an Island and they told us about their school and country, and they helped with our Lithuanian version of the song "If You´re Happy".



Christmas Flashmeeting!

Difficult to get together with all partners due to different time zones and school organization, at last we could make it, British, Polish, Greek, Icelandic and Spanish pupils met together to share our "Happy Christmas!" wishes  and sing traditional Christmas carols. You can see it all here:






Spanish Christmas carols at he Reading Club


Getting ready for Christmas!






International School Library Day




Grandparents Club - Poland
Happy Birthday Andersen!

Once Upon an Island ends this term with all planned activities celebrating

International Day of Children´s  Books,  on 2nd of April, with drama plays leaded by

the following class teachers and the help of families involved in our reading club:

Mª Carmen Alemán Hernández-2ºA

Vicenta Morales Curbelo-4ºB

Lilia Alemán Rodríguez-5º/6ºB and 6ºA

Cecilia Cantizano Mariscal-3ºA







Valentine´s Day


Peace Day´s every day in the Library





Poem and song written by Pino García Cabrera, taking part in Reading Club with Families:




European Christmas in the Library

 Together with families involve in our Reading Club, we celebrated Christmas at San José Artesano School Library singing traditional Spanish and English Christmas carols, learning about this festival in Europe and reading The Yule Lads, A Celebration of Iceland´s Chritsmas Flolklóre by Brian Pilkington: 


Dog Kennel Hill School joined with the same Spanish carol with the help of Fatima, their Spanish teacher:





Polish, Italian, Icelandic, British, Greek, Lithuanian and Spanish partners sang their carols and project song in different languages at Flashmeetings at two different times (GMT):





Our French partner, Elementaire École Mixte Grand-Camp, joined us with their song For Christmas:




During the same week the postman came, children gave him letters for the Wise Men and got some Christmas Cards from European partners:




Playground time at the library


Reading Club at Boleslaw Chrobry Primary School

Today we had the first meeting at our Grandparents' Story Club. Children enjoyed a lot. I've uploaded some photos.


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