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Happy Postcrossing :)

Here you will find  handmade postcards explaining the historical places of partner countries made by students. On one side of the postcard students will draw a place, monument etc. they would like to introduce and on the other side of the card there will be a couple of sentences about the pupil who draw the picture. And we will send these postcards to our new friends randomly by post also. Beside the pictures, there will be videos showing the process of preparing the postcards in the part of files and web content.

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Spanish pupils write some postcards and answer to our partners using social tools



Turkish Theater/Drama Team prepared  digital new year cards. There are two main features of these cards. Firstly, the cards are created in digital platform (by using smilebox and befunky) and the main pictures are downloaded by screenshot. And the second feature; cards are created by pupils' own photographs. Happy New 2014.





PostCards from France - the places that children prefer in Bordeaux!



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