Adventure Of a Plant


Adventure of a Plant

Students will choose a plant seed and produce flower in a pot or in a special area in school. The growing process will be observed and recorded. Here you can see the process how we observe the plants.

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Spanish students visit an experimental farm



At Utiaca, we have planted lettuce,endive, mint, parsley and coriander




We plant seeds of our partners




New school year, new plants


Turkish planting team has been in harness at the end of February and in the beginning of March.These days are the exact time to plant a clowslip in your garden. And you can do it in April too. We have planted cowslip seedlings in our school garden beside the tulips. We will plant some of the cowslip seedlings in handmade pots produced by using waste materials in our classes. Below you can watch the video of enjoyable moments we experienced in our garden.



And here we plant seeds in handmade pots by using plastic bottes. Pupils prefer to decorate their pots in animal forms.





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