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We aim to revive oblivioned children games in this activity. Students will ask elders to tell them about the games they played when they were kids. Students will write down the process and the rules of the games.These games will be played at school and recorded. And the games will be shared with partners after it is translated to English. After the games of each partner are played at school, games will be voted and the favourite ones will be chosen

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Traditional Italian game played in mobility to Turkey




Traditional Spanish games played in mobility to Turkey

Italian pupils play a traditional rope game


During the Piece of a Whole Comenius meeting at CEIP Utiaca our partners developed traditional games from Estonia, Turkey and France.


Estonian game "The master" at Utiaca



The master, Estonian game


Turkish game Tombik at Utiaca


French game La Thèque at Utiaca


La Thèque, French game

My geese - Slovak game


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