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Enjoy your meal :)

We are learning each others' cuisine. What do others like eating and tasting?

During this activity, students will choose the food they like from their country and will take photos of its cooking phases. The recipe will be translated to English and shared with partners in the part of files. If you wonder more about recipes, you can ask for the details in the part of forum. And please have a look at the part of pictures to see how the food we cook look like.

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 Here we present the common recipe book of POW team. 



Turkish Abant Kebab



Turkish students present you a typical Turkish breakfast table. Here you are.


Turkish food team prepared a concept menu consisting of food prepared by using yoghurt. But, first of all they will show you how to make homemade yoghurt for healthy and delicious meals.



In hot summer days, when your body loses water and salt and when you feel thirsty and exhausted, you can prefer ayran (a typical turkish beverage which is made up of yoghurt, water and salt). You can supply your body's salt, water and protein requirement by drinking ayran easily. Now, Turkish food team will show you how to prepare ayran at home in a few minutes.



Here Turkish team serve you a fresh appetizer called cacık. It has yoghurt, cucumber, peppermint and salt in it. You can serve it with meals when you need something fresh and new. Let' s see how to prepare cacık.



Another appetizer from Turkey; carrot tarator sauce. Delicious, easy and practical. Let's see Turkish students' recipe and preparation.



A healthy and delicious starter warming you inside; Yoghurt soup. It is filling and digestible. You can prefer it in summer and winter. Enjoy it! (Afiyet olsun!)



Pide filled with seasmed minced meat prepared by Beril Durmazoğlu. Below you can watch a small record that shows how Beril and her mother prepared the dough and the original shape of pide.



Vine leaves with meat and rice stuffing was prepared by Beril Durmazoğlu from Turkey. Below you can watch how Beril and her mother wrap the vine leaves  with the filling ingredients.



Turkish food team presents you some homemade Turkish snacks in the concept of Tea Time for large family meals or for your guests in important days. Enjoy it!


Turkish food team share a new concept of recipe book with you; My Mother’s Recipes”In this book you will find recipes recommended by the parents of our students. Some of our students tried to cook these recipes with their family at home. 


Turkish Food Team presents proudly the e-book called "Recipes with Yoghurt". All the recipes are prepared at school by the help of our Social Sciences teacher Gülçin Atik and Religion Teacher Seher Filiz. Here you can find some typical Turkish yoghurt-based foods and drinks.



Oatmeal Cookies made by İrem as a selection from World Cuisine

Here you can watch!


Slovak healthy food project



On January 28th, 2014 we continued with another activity in our project Comenius. The main task was to show our foreign friends the preparation of Slovak food. We talked a lot about it .We tried to find the recipe that is easy for the pupils from partner schools to follow. We also had to think about the possibilities to find the specific ingredients in their countries. We haven't choose the sheep cheese because you can't get it in the foreign countries. After long discussions we decided to make Potato pancakes. We think it was a good decision. In our video everybody will see how it worked. We still have to translate our photo recipe into English and we'll send it to all partners. We are looking forward to get new recipes from our foreign friends. Pupils from the class 7A


Estonian students made sour cabbage to introduce Estonian cuisine. Below you can watch the phases hot to make sour cabbage. Enjoy it :)



Estonian students prepared 3 different dishes.



7th grades students made POLISH apple pancakes.





25 Canary Islands' & Spanish recipes cooked by the community of Utiaca School



Spanish students cook Estonian Kama


Italian team show us how to make a cannoli


Slovak children cook Estonian recipe


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