Recycling Activity


How are we recycling?

Here we share how we activate waste material unit in school to develop consciousness of environment and create new products and pieces.

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Turkish 3rd grade students create a plastic  bottle box by using two demijohns and a strap. The bottom of one demijohn is cut and it is placed over the other one. Then they are strapped together. At the end it  will wear a t-shirt. Then it is ready to collect plastic bottles





Turkish recycling team is working on a "tree" project made by plastic bottles. You will see the process of creating the branches. And we have a long way to have the last version of course.




Here is a moneybox made by Beyza who is a member of Science Worms. "Science worms" is a facebook group which is created by a group of Turkish students who take elective science courses.




Turkish students made an environment cleaning


Spain: We recycle, save energy and also decorate the school with recycled materials


Estonian team started recycling activity and sorting waste materials. You can learn how they carry out the process in their words.






Paper collection in Slovakia



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