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Here you can see our introductions about our schools, cities and countries. There will be photos, videos, files etc in here.

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Spain: This is our little school, at Utiaca, Gran Canaria.




Spanish pupils play with a puzzle of our Polish friends' school.


Here is the video presentation prepared by Cüneyt Beylan, Turkish 8th grade student. This video is the winner of Turkish school (Cumhuriyet Secondary School)video competition also.




Beril Durmazoğlu, İrem Kaviloğlu and Rabia Vuslat İleli prepared an animation to introduce our counrty. We drew map of Turkey and seperated it to its regions. Then we took the photos of the regions moving to form Turkey. Here it is!




Ahmet Hakan Beşel shared with us this pics of Turkey





And here is the presentation of our new school Hurriyet Secondary school

PostCards from France - the places that children prefer in Bordeaux!


Estonian Independence Day at Kose Gümnaasium. Anthem.


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