Today "What i do?" (Doğukan Çelik from Turkey)

 Today i made a website. Website's name is Hür Sosyal. I watched a film. Film's name is The Social Network.

Film's subject is "How to build "Facebook" ?". I like this film.

My website is very cool. But it is not done. I made a website's index page. Next day i going to make a home page. But i can't find hosting or domain. is not working. I can't find a new hostinger website.


 Hmmm... I will entitle of my website's name. I hope work. Otherwise, i won't publish this website. I need a new computer. Bye bye dear diary...

A folk tale

Hi everyone ;-) 

I miss you all a lot. Hope you miss me a bit too :-)

From today you can find Polish folk tale ( in script). Soon we will show you our show.



Turkey by night



My name is Angelo, nice to meet you!


Karl Angelo MAIURI


Hello! My name is Karl Angelo Maiuri and I am a student from Estonia. I was born in Salerno, Italy and after some time I moved to Austria. I went to a local kindergarden there but finally our family decided to move to Estonia.



Soon I will be travelling to Italy again, well, tomorrow. I will stay in Milan for a day and then continue to India.


Anyways, I hope I have generated some interest in our school and Estonia, maybe we will even meet sometimes. If you come here I can show you around. My italian skills are excellent.


Best wishes,


Independence Day

Hi everyone

Today in our country (Poland) we celebrate the Independence Day. We were free country after 123 years. I added a presentation created by my students. You can see it.



From Italy

 Hello everyone


I hope you are all well.


Here things are OK and we are getting ready to meet you, our guests in two weeks.


Our pupils are excited and they all ask to do things during the Comenius week. There will be hostesses and stewards to take you around the school, to show the different classes and laboratories and to ask you if you need anything. ( They are repeating the sentence: Would you like anything to drink? over and over again...).


One class of the 8th grade is preparing a video and a Power point presentation. I think they are both great.. but of course it's your opinion which counts.


Today I posted the Evaluation Tool ( processed) and the text in which some pupils introduce themselves. I thought I had already publish the last one but I couldn't find it, so I posted it again. Please, forgive me if I posted it twice... 


I wish you all a very good Sunday.



Piece of a Whole project

This project, Piece Of A Whole is tending integrating pupils with different learning levels (gifteds, pupils with attention deficit disorder, typically developing students and students with learning disabilities) in some activities to create an inclusive school climate. . We intend pupils with different learning levels develop awareness and respect towards differences among both their peers and people from different nations, also. In this direction, we want to apply these kind of activities: A recycling activity, a theatre performance about other countries’folk tales, traditional children games, traditional dolls, a rythm group, traditional cuisine etc. Students from different learning levels will be together in these activities and we will share our materials and outputs with our partners to enhance inclusive education and ideas. Piece of a Whole involves seven countries: Turkey (coord.), Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Spain.

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