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A week in Catalunya



Fifteen pupils from Alba Adriatica  visited Valls during a week (22-29 May).

The Italian pupils were hosted in families. We are very grateful to these families for their warm hospitality.


That week was the ending part of the of the project: Actors for a year.

During that week, the actors and actresses from both schools could rehearse together for the musical performed at the Teatre Principal of Valls.

Apart from the rehearsals, we visited together Barcellona, Cambrills, Salou, Tarragona. We also made some theatre workshop and we were involved in the Catalan school life.

During those days, all the pupils involved in the exchange could live together using English as the communicative language. All the activities and explanations were in that language too.


The following photos were taken during the second part of the exchange. 


Welcome to Valls!!! Balloons, sweets and smiles!

Visit to Barcellona!




Great success at the Teatre Principal of Valls!




Rizzo: “I'm Sandra Dee”

Singing “Count on me”!!!












Enjoy pizza!!!!



Italian pizza in Valls!

Tarragona Romana Week






















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