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Skype Meeting Videos

 Click on the following link to watch some videos taken during the videoconference.

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Hello my name is Marta. I like the videoconference.

Posted on 13/02/14 18:16.

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My name is Andrea and my surnames are Nadal Hurtado. I'm Marty in the theater play. I'm very very happy! My favorite color is green and my favorite food is pizza.

Posted on 13/02/14 18:22.

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Hello Italian friends!
I liked the video call with you and we'll see!

Posted on 13/02/14 18:28.

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Hi my name is Arnau. I don't go to Italy but the videoconference was great!

Posted on 13/02/14 18:33.

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Hello my name is Josep Mª. I'm eleven years old. I like Skype with you. My favourite food is pizza and pasta. Bye!

Posted on 13/02/14 18:36.

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