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Skype Meeting!!!

Last Friday the two schools met online! All the pupils were very pleased to know each otherl! It was a great experience because pupils interact and communicate in English. The teachers were very proud for the fluency of their conversations. Different pupils talked about their likes and dislikes and some of the charactares of the play were introduced by each school. Here we post some pictures:



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I loved talking to you in skype. I'm Pol Ceperuelo ans I'm eleven years old.

Posted on 13/02/14 18:06.

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Hello! My name is Gisel. I'm twelve years old. I'm not in the exchange but I'm very happy for our project. I'm very happy for the play and to speak with you and your visit to my town.
My town is very pretty and big. And your town is big or small? I like the videoconference! A lot of kisses and see you soon!

Posted on 13/02/14 18:13.

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