The Carnival!

 Hi! I'm Roser Miquel and I love carnival! Yesterday at school we celebrated carnival and we were cooks. On Saturday I'm going ti be an egypcian. What was your costume this year? Come on, answer!!!




This week we have dealt with airports and air travell. There are some usueful words to take into account when travelling by plane. Here we post what we worked on in class. If you like you can do these activities. Enjoyy them!


Parents Meeting

 Last week we had another meeting with the families involved with the exchange. They are really so exited to host the Italian pupils. We talked about the costumes that our pupils have to wear on during the theatre play and we also dealt with the week plan during the visit of our Italian friends.

Here we post some photos:


 My name is Sònia and my surname is Rodriguez. I'm not in the exchange but I'm very happy for the exchange. My favourite food is ice cream.


 Hello my name is Carla. I'm going to Silvia's house. I like the videoconference. I'm looking forward to visit Italy. My favourite food is pasta and pizza. My favourite sport is playing basketball.

Write your comments!

Come on Italian friends! Write comments and put photos in the blog!

See you soon!

Skype Meeting Videos

 Click on the following link to watch some videos taken during the videoconference.

Skype Meeting!!!

Last Friday the two schools met online! All the pupils were very pleased to know each otherl! It was a great experience because pupils interact and communicate in English. The teachers were very proud for the fluency of their conversations. Different pupils talked about their likes and dislikes and some of the charactares of the play were introduced by each school. Here we post some pictures:




We enjoy the rehearsals! Twice a week we work together to rehearse the play. It is a hard work and we have to congratulate our pupils for their perseverance.

We have to say that all our pupils work very hard and they improve a lot! Fluency is important but acting competences are also required, so... we have a long period of reheasals!


Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love.

Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and forgiving.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!



We have started a competition related to the play! Pupils in the 6th grade in Primary Education have to design a model of  our play programme. The winner would be given the day of the show in Valls to the spectators. Our pupils have time after Christmas holidays to fnish their contribution. Good luck pupils!


Some of the pupils working in class:


Casting videos (solved)

There are some problems with the videos. Click on the following link and you will see the videos correctly.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Some castings

This week castings were open! Now... all the pupils are waiting for the results!!!



Synopsis of Grease

Grease Movie

To get started with Grease, this week we have watched the movie.

All the pupils want to be John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John!


Cor de Maria pupils



These are the pupils involved in our  project, the two groups from the sixth grade in Primary Education. They are very excited about the theatre project!


Class 6A:



Class 6B:



After a long period of exchanging e-mails the teachers involved in the project have agreed on the theatre play: GREASE!!!!



Now each school has to introduce the play to the pupils, start the rehearsals and prepare all the clothes and elements required for all the scenes.



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