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New activity: Compared culture chart

 A new activity has been added to the project. It has to do with the visit to Mérida (Spain) in February 2015. We will discuss 14 topics related to the cultures of our four countries, and see similarities and differences. To get ready for that activity, students can interact (via the forum and chat), upload pictures (to the blog) and, in general, exchange information about the four cultures.

The topics are:

1. Daily life

2. Food and drink - typical dishes

3. Leisure - sports and hobbies

4. Weather (and how it affects daily life; if at all)

5. Clothing (typical costume???)

6. Religions

7. Typical music and dance

8. Education system

9. Stereotypes

10. Superstitions

11. National festivities

12. Good manners (what is considered rude)

13. Multilingual inclusion vocabulary

14. The future of young people


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