Frch students in Thalasso


On March 27, we went with Gilles and a group of pupils to visit the Thalasso center in Royan (about 45 kms away from Pons). It is a small center, just by the sea of course, where the main idea is to relax and take care of your body, notably thanks to water.


Even though there were some clients, a guide was able to show us round, and explain the different types of cures and their benefits for health. The students were quite impressed and very attentive! When the visit was finished, they were able to ask the questions they had prepared, so that the ones going to Turkey have enough information to present the center and thalassotherapy in general.

Just wait to learn more about it then!


Hope you will enjoy your time there.

Wish you all a very nice trip!

Turkey Meeting



Dear Friends,

My students and I are really looking forward to meeting and hosting you in Turkey. At the moment, we are really busy with the preparations. Hope to inform you all about the preparations soon.

I added a video from last year. It's our students' end of year performance.

This is the blog of our project for the years 2013-2015 . We are five countries; Germany is the coordinator and France, Finland, Spain and Turkey are the partners.

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