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Chinese New Year

Visit to De Villèle museum


Photos of the school outing to the museum on 27th February: at the heart of our cultural heritage, De Villèle museum is located in the heights of the island ,in the West.It's a former colonial property which belonged to two big families from the island: the Desbassyns (a big landowner linked to the development of sugar cane and slavery) and Villèle families.The house with its period furniture,collection of historical documents and objects show you what life was like in the 18th and 19th century.

Year 2 Group 10 with their French/class teacher,Jiska from the library and Mr Ethève.



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Plastic stoppers collection


A few photos of the collection of plastic stoppers: a competition was organised by one of the school maths teachers, Julie Dalzon,with the help of our librarians Jiska and Fabienne.All the students from Year 2 ( in French schools, they're called "cinquièmes" and are 12/13 years old) had to bring as many stoppers as they could and also had to sort them out according to the colour.186.6 kg of stoppers were collected this year and were given to a member of Handibouchonreunion association for recycling.

Culture box


Let me introduce our Healthy PICNIC team:

    -Fabienne and Jiska: librarians

    -Véronique: Science teacher

    -Nadine and Florence: French teachers

    -Julie: Maths teacher

   -Geneviève: school nurse

   -Iozefina: English teacher

   -Babette: coordinator and English teacher

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