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In the project "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.", Croatia is represented by primary school


Ivan Gundulić ,Zagreb 



Comenius team carrying out the activities stated and agreed in our multilateral partnership programme "Healthy PICNIC 2013-2015" with Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, Italy, LaReunion, Estonia, and France.



Teachers team:


VIŠNJA RELJIĆ-coordinator



 IVANA ANIČIĆ, Prof. English language

  ANITA VIDOVIĆ,Prof.. English language

  IRENA RASONJA, Psychologist

  MIRJANA VASILJ- Prof. geography

ANITA LETICA, The class teacher

  SANELA ŠKEVIN,The class teacher

  SANJA KARL,The class teacher

  JASMINKA BUTORAC, The class teacher

ROBIN RAŠPERGER, physical education


 HAJNALKA DRAGANIĆ,The class teacher

MARTINA GRGEC, The class teacher

IVA DORIĆ ,catechists


and 13 members of team parents

and 38 members of team pupils




Project activities 

Logo competition

In September 2014 we started to find a logo for our Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-project. Hundreds of pupils participated in the competition and designed suitable logos.


Culture Box

The Culture Boxes are a very exciting activity for the pupils.To get to know the countries of all partners, every school has created a Culture Box. It´s a box with 10 items characteristic of the country, a description of the items is included. In the box there`s also a mystery object - that`s a quiz for the pupils, they have to find out what this object is all about and why it`s characteristic of the country.





There were 128 pupils from the age 8-13 involved in the questionnaire. They will take part till the end of the project.


Happy Book

Another important activity within our project is the Happy Book. For a healthy lifestyle also self-esteem and good relationships are important. Happy Book is supposed to support that. All classmates are invited to write positive comments to other pupils or do nice drawings.



Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C. Recipe Book

Food is very important for a healthy lifestyle. It´s also part of our culture as there are many different traditional dishes in every country. Therefore all partner schools are currently working on a recipe book.

The children are cooking healthy, traditional dishes from their countries - the recipes and photos of the cooking will then be published in a recipe book in summer 2015.



Creation of multilingual dictionaries

Pupils of lower grades made DICTIONARY with the names of fruit, food, toys ,animals


Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C Calendar 
















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Videos Ivan Gundulic

 Video about Zagreb by 4.a




Video about our school






Our intention was to present our school to you through a video film and in an unusual way.

When writing a scenario, my objective was to follow the topic of our project - Healthy Picnic, to show our team work, to introduce you with our teachers and pupils, classrooms and other school facilities, and at the same time to create s story in which one old game would be presented, that is the game Warm-Cold.
We have been filming for three days. In the making of the film all grades were included - from grade 1 to grade 8, then teachers, the prinipal of the school, the secretary, the psychologist, the librariran, our lovely cooks and one mum. This mum is not only the parent of our pupils but also the employee of the Botanic garden and we have already cooperated with her at the project called VRTEK (which would in English mean small garden). The story actually starts in the Botanic garden in the city of Zagreb. The pupils are looking for the basket full of apples which they got as a present for taking part in the project VRTEK. A girl named Leonela is discussing with some pupils about the Warm-Cold game in the school park.
The pupils arrive at school by bikes. This is where we presented healthy lifestyle. The apples are hidden somewhere in school building, and the pupils are looking for this basket. In this way, we have presented and filmed our school.
Since everybody was included in this filming and since they were really excited and happy because of this, the original version of the film lasts a bit longer. You can watch it with your pupils. Now we will show you the shorter version.


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