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In the project "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.", Croatia is represented by primary school


Ivan Gundulić ,Zagreb 



Comenius team carrying out the activities stated and agreed in our multilateral partnership programme "Healthy PICNIC 2013-2015" with Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, Italy, LaReunion, Estonia, and France.



Teachers team:


VIŠNJA RELJIĆ-coordinator



 IVANA ANIČIĆ, Prof. English language

  ANITA VIDOVIĆ,Prof.. English language

  IRENA RASONJA, Psychologist

  MIRJANA VASILJ- Prof. geography

ANITA LETICA, The class teacher

  SANELA ŠKEVIN,The class teacher

  SANJA KARL,The class teacher

  JASMINKA BUTORAC, The class teacher

ROBIN RAŠPERGER, physical education


 HAJNALKA DRAGANIĆ,The class teacher

MARTINA GRGEC, The class teacher

IVA DORIĆ ,catechists


and 13 members of team parents

and 38 members of team pupils




Project activities 

Logo competition

In September 2014 we started to find a logo for our Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-project. Hundreds of pupils participated in the competition and designed suitable logos.


Culture Box

The Culture Boxes are a very exciting activity for the pupils.To get to know the countries of all partners, every school has created a Culture Box. It´s a box with 10 items characteristic of the country, a description of the items is included. In the box there`s also a mystery object - that`s a quiz for the pupils, they have to find out what this object is all about and why it`s characteristic of the country.





There were 128 pupils from the age 8-13 involved in the questionnaire. They will take part till the end of the project.


Happy Book

Another important activity within our project is the Happy Book. For a healthy lifestyle also self-esteem and good relationships are important. Happy Book is supposed to support that. All classmates are invited to write positive comments to other pupils or do nice drawings.



Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C. Recipe Book

Food is very important for a healthy lifestyle. It´s also part of our culture as there are many different traditional dishes in every country. Therefore all partner schools are currently working on a recipe book.

The children are cooking healthy, traditional dishes from their countries - the recipes and photos of the cooking will then be published in a recipe book in summer 2015.



Creation of multilingual dictionaries

Pupils of lower grades made DICTIONARY with the names of fruit, food, toys ,animals


Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C Calendar 
















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Old roman games



A Visit to Šćitarjevo- archaeological park from the age of Romans


Students of the 5th and 6th grade visited Andautonia, the archaeological park with the excavations from 1century AD. The park is located near ZAGREB.

It was a Roman town with a high legal status. There was a thermal complex with a water supply system and sewage.They also had a heating system.Students found out a lot about this historical period throughout workshops and lectures. They experienced what was it like when they were usingwax plates for writing.  They played ancient games, trying to find buried pieces of clay, they were making jewellery and dressing up in tunics and togas. Learning out in the open was fun and educational. And those ancient  Romans weren't as ancient as we thought; they were quite progressive...


Technical Museum

A group of students (3a and 1-4m) visited Technical Museum and participated in an interactive exhibition. They got some wheat and they grained it and made bread.


Repro Eko


We chose a specific Croatian holiday DAN KRUHA for our field trip. We visited Repro Eko estate. We observed how eco vegetables and cereals are grown and we saw old mill. Students made their own rolls. They saw how women used to wash their laundry in the creek. They had eco lunch, made of home grown and hand made dishes.


Meeting in Italy


Three of our students-Lea, Val and Konrad, and three koleagues spent an unforgetable week in Salerno, Italy. First they got to know the school, their hosts and and finally the beautiful ambience




 We are proud to say that Agency for mobility and programmes EU recognised our effort and  enthusiasm. We received the  National reward for quality of the Project.

Croatian holiday DAN KRUHA


We celebrated Thanksgiving - Dane zahvalnosti for gifts of soil and bread. Pupils prepared different bread, rolls, cakes at home and brought them to school. Our table was full of delicious food, and it was blessed by vicar from st Marko's church.

Outdoor activities- city of youth for a half-day field trip designed for students in lower grades . An integrated instructional day spent outside the classroom , in the fresh air , in an environment where students have contact with the real sources of knowledge.



Charity work

Within the Project we do a lot of charity work. 2 October some of our students (3a) visited a nursing home, and we observed the international Day of Older Persons 

Meert Slovenia



 30 September was the day of our partner school from Slovenia. Team of students prepared a presentation about the partner school from Radovljica. Niko and Ana Žužul and class 4a presented Slovenian songs. A representative of the Cultural-educational organization visited us, and we got a lot of materials from their embassy. We ended the presentation  with sounds of music, and we sweetened it with prekmurska gibanica- traditional Slovenian cake.



We also organised a short lecture and the Mushroom Exhibition. Students were very interested in it. The aim is to educate pupils and introduce recipes and meals with mushrooms.


The European Day of Languages


We celebrated the European Day of Languages

26 September students learned words and phrases in different languages. We know how to greet each other in Estonian, Slovenian, French, Portugese, German,. Pupils who attend lessons in Hungarian made paper people which reprsent children eager to learn languages.

 Students have joined the mountaineering club in cleaning Medvednica mountain near Zagreb 
Meeting in Croatia


 The partners were hosted at the hostel Shappy in the middle of the city of Zagreb. The international students were hosted in the families .

On the first night the partners were taken to the welcoming meeting at the restaurant Saft.

The second meeting day started at the Hostel Shappy with international breakfast.

The Croatian school had prepared a very nice welcoming concert to the partners.

After the concerts the host students and international students went to different workshops. They rotated in various classes and prepared a ship, a bracelet, a house of recycled paper, learnt to play a song with a plastic cup.

  The final event of the day was a school festival at Dom hrvatske vojske. This was a huge event where the people of Zagreb, parents, teachers, and students were invited; also the representative of the Hungarian Embassy and other VIPs attended the concert. The headmaster had an opening speech of the concert named “Unified in diversity”.


On the third day the whole school (except for the 4th graders), international teachers and students were taken to a tour two the two places: one group with two buses were taken to Plitvice, the others to a hike. There were tour guides in the visits.After the visit to a national park of Plitvice, the students and teachers had a lunch; played national games and had much fun.

The 4th day was named “Healthy Picnic” and it was held on the Bundek lake. This was a picturesque picnic area for the citizens of Zagreb. There were invited all the students, parents, staff, teachers, and even a mayor of the city of Zagreb. With the mayor, of course, also reporters from the TV and local media were invited.

The school, parents, and teachers had prepared loads of food for the picnic: barbecue, vegetables which were grilled, drinks, cakes, soup, bread, salad, lots of strawberries and tofu. Community members and teachers prepared the food for everybody in the picnic.


During the time of preparing food national Croatian, Estonian, Slovenian, Portuguese, French games were played; parents had fund with teachers and their children. In all the games first the students, then the parents and then teachers participated.Bundek- picnic

old games



Flash mob

Students danced to the small, but the most beautiful town square "Flower square", shared the passersby balloons and flyers that promoted a project "Healty PICNIC"







Cooking traditional recipes

Students, teachers and their parents cooked dishes according to traditional recipes in the school kitchen





Laminating techniques



Planting radishes in a small garden



Planting radishes in a small garden


Get to know Austria


Making the Christmas cake


Charity activities


 In this school year our charity group aims to achieve four actions of collecting support for those who mostly need it.The first action was planned as the part of our Celebration of Bread and it took place during October. The first, fourth and eighth graders collected toiletries and food for the homeless people from Velika Kosnica., who are wards of the Red Cross. In contact with the staff of the Red Cross we realized that they need food and hygiene supplies, so we have collected it and brought to the headquarters of the Red Cross in Zagreb. After that they sent it to Velika Kosnica. In October we also participated in the action of collecting toys as part of the humanitarian action "Children for 5" which was organized by the assosiation called Circles who asked us to participate in it. The pupils of the lower classes also participated in it.

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