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In the project "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.", Austria is represented by primary school Rötzergasse, a primary school in the heart of Vienna, Austria´s capital city.


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Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-video Austria

That´s us! (class 4a)






July 2015 - THANK YOU!

 Two years of hard work, but mostly fun and a lot of information - the project "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." is finished. All certificates have been handed out to the pupils, the tasks have been done, no more internationale meetings in sight, the final reports have been sent to our National Agencies.


But is it really over?! NO! The cooperation between the partnerschools not only created a professional, but also personal relationships between pupils, teachers, headmisters/headmistresses...


We will stay in contact, this TwinSpace will still be used and there will be new projects in future!


Thanks for the great time! :)



June 2015 - The end is near...

 In June we have to finish  many tasks for the project "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." plus we`ve planned some additional activities.


We updated all information on our Notice Board and on school website and TwinSpace.

Multilingual "reading cinemas" took place. A story is read to the pupils in common languages used in our school: German, Turkish and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian.

Reading was also important in another activity: Reading nights. Some classes stayed at school over night, reading and working on some tasks referring to that. That was sometimes even quite scary :) They had healthy snacks and breakfast.


Also some events took place: We organised a sports party. In cooperation with the "Sports Monkeys" differents kinds of sports were presented and the kids could just try them out.

We also had a music party. All classes prepared a song or dance, some referred to our "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." project.


Last, but not least, we had a final "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." party at our branch school Leopold-Ernst-Gasse. All teachers and pupils joined, sang a song with parts in all languages of the partner schools and watched project videos and photos. It was really nice!!! Buttons with the project logo were produced by the headmistress and the kids from class 4a. They were handed out to all pupils at the end of the event.


A DVD with photos and videos of the project has been sent to all partner schools (That was an Austrian task).





Update Online Materials: "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." project team


Multilingual Reading Cinemas: some classes


Reading Nights: some classes


Sports Party: whole school


Music Party: whole school


Final Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C. party: whole school!


Final DVD: "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." project team


May 2015 - Discovering Europe in the classroom

 In May it was all about Europe again!

Pupils created posters of the countries of each partner school. Class 4a made a video presenting primary school Rötzergasse because our project was presented at the House of Young Europeans in Croatia. We also worked on two Culture Boxes: France and Estonia.



Posters: some classes at Rötzergasse and Leopold-Ernst-Gasse


Video presenting primary school Rötzergasse: 4a, headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger


Culture Boxes France and Estonia: some classes




April 2015 - Project days

 April was very busy! A cooperation with the association ASKÖ startet (a sports union). Each week some classes participated in "Hopsi Hopper" sports lessons.

Furthermore, project days ("Ateliertage") were organised at our school. The main topic was nature/recycling/waste. For a whole week the kids joined different workshops. After the project days an exhibition was made to disseminate the results. All families and visitors could have a look at what we`ve done!





Cooperation AKSÖ Hopsi Hopper: some classes


Project days: everyone at primary school Rötzergasse :)




March 2015 - Talking about Europe!

 March was all about Europe! The teachers Manuela Lenker and Elisabeth Köbke joined the international "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C." meeting in Lyon. They disseminated the results and information about France/Lyon in school. Pupils tasted "Creme de Marrons" and most of them liked it a lot :)


We also received the Croatian Culture Box. Many classes had the opportunity to work with it!





Meeting in Lyon: Manuela Lenker, Elisabeth Köbke


Culture Box Croatia: many classes




February 2015 - Fruits and vegetables

In 2015 our school joins a fruit and vegetable distribution programme. Every week a box for each class is delivered. The kids like the programme very much!

In February also carnival is celebrated. Class 4a therefor prepares a healthy snack with selfmade spreads.

Grades 3 and 4 joined the theater project "Mein Körper gehört mir" ("My body belongs to me") which aims to prevent sexual abuse in a playful way. The kids engaged very well.




Fruit and vegetable distribution: all classes


Healthy carnival: 4a


My body belongs to me: grade 3 and 4




January 2015 - So many different projects...

While some classes still offer healthy snacks (prepared and organised by the students) also bigger projects are taking place at primary school Rötzergasse.

All pupils from grade 4 join the project "Religions of the world". For a whole week they focus on different religions they are facing in our society. They have the great opportunity to visit churches, a mosque, a temple, a synagoge.

In some classes children weekly join class councils. The pupils meet and talk about sorrows, fears, wishes, suggestions. The class council is a method introducing the kids to democratic structures.

4a works on our TwinSpace, using new widgets and embedding them.





Healthy snacks: some classes


Religions of the world: 4a, 4b, 4d


Class Council: some classes


TwinSpace: 4a




December 2014 - Disseminating and organising

In November our headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger and Doris Zehetner, in December Anna Niemirowicz and Elisabeth Köbke disseminated the outcomes of the meeting with both the Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-school team and all interested teachers.

Also the pupils have been informed about the meetings, photos and stories have been presented.

The kids in class 4a were so interested, they started to collect questions for the other partner schools. You find them in the Communication corner!

They also designed and wrote Christmas cards for all partner schools - we hope you already received it!


Also health was again very important. Many classes have their fruit and vegetable breaks, class 4a wanted to introduce a drink list. For every glass of tap water they get a point.




Questionnaire: 4a


Drinking list: 4a


Dissemination of the outcomes of the meetings in Italy and La Reunion: headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger, teachers Doris Zehetner, Anna Niemirowicz, Elisabeth Köbke





November 2014 - Next meeting!

In November we were again preparing for an international meeting! At the end of November our partners at Saint-Pierre were the hosts of the teachers Anna Niemirowicz and Elisabeth Köbke.

But before that class 4a worked on games for the games and recipe book which will be published next year!

They learned the game "Hopscotch". The pupils also helped preparing presents for the project partners - huge teabags filled with tea and punsch concentrate.

Class 3a started a new project - lists for healthy snacks. Every kid can show the teacher Raphaela Baum their healthy snacks. They collect points for every healthy snack. With a certain amount of points they receive a little present :)





Game book: 4a


Snack list: 3a


Meeting La Reunion: teachers Anna Niemirowicz, Elisabeth Köbke




October 2014 - A busy autumn

In October different projects went on in the classrooms, the Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-teachers prepared for the international meeting in Salerno, Italy.


Thanks to the Italian team for organising such a good meeting!





Cooking applesauce: 3a


Writing an acrostic with the word "Freunde" ("friends"): 4a


Multilingual word collection "Fruit": 4b


Meeting in Salerno: Headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger, teacher Doris Zehetner




September 2014 - The new school year starts... HEALTHY!

In September school starts in Austria. So we returned with lot of energy and motivation!


We started with some very healthy projects: project weeks!

Classes 4a, 4b, 4c and 4d spent some time in different parts of Austria, enjoying nature, hiking, cooking healthy food, doing sports, playing games,... Healthy and happy they came back to Vienna!


 All classes were also visited by the tooth fairy (like last year)! The kids learned how to take care of their teeth and how important healthy food is.


Another great project ist called "Sports Monkeys". This year not only a few kids can join this sports club in the afternoon, no, all kids from grade 1 and 3 join some sports lessons with their teachers. It`s a win-win-situation - the children enjoy trying out new games, the teachers gather new ideas!




Project weeks: 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d


Visit of the tooth fairy: all classes


Sports Monkeys: Grade 1 + 3


June 2014 - A lot to do before holidays start!

Primary school Rötzergasse has a few big projects at the end of the first year of the project:


On June 13th we had a big school party with singing, sports, handicraft - and our first flashmob!

On June 16th we participated at the district health day. We had some information posters there, several classes from branch school Leopold-Ernst-Gasse presented dances (even two traditional ones) and 6 kids from class 3c invited pedestrians to join gymnastic exercises with towels! Thanks for your support - it was a great day!!!


Now we just need to send our midterm report and hand out the Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-certificates to the kids. It was a great first year of the Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-project! Of course, there are still some things to improve, but so far everything worked out and we`re looking forward to next year! :)





School Party: The whole school joined the school party on June 13th.


District Health Day Hernals: Several classes from branch school Leopold-Ernst-Gasse joined this event!





Austrian summer holidays from 28th June to 31th August 2014! Enjoy your holidays :)




May 2014 - Culture Box La Réunion and Meeting in Zagreb

In May we received the Culture Box from La Rèunion. Not only the kids were really excited, also the teachers enjoyed working with the box and learning a lot about this wonderful island :) Almost all classes of our school were eager to have to box!


At the end of May our teachers Alexandra Lehner and Doris Zwickle joined the international Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. Thanks to Visnja and her team for the great organisation!!


We also started working on the midterm report, that`s quite a lot of work!







Culture Box La Rèunion: Almost all classes worked with it.


Strawberry joghurt: Class 2b tried out one recipe for our Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-recipe book! The joghurt was delicious!


Dissemination of the outcomes of the meeting in Lisbon: Headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger presented the results of the meeting in Lisbon and the Portugese school system to interested teachers. The presentation was a success!


Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia: Alexandra Lehner and Doris Zwickle joined the meeting in Zagreb.




April 2014 - Project days! Again! :)

In March our branch school organised a project day - now it was the turn of primary school Rötzergasse to set something up. For a whole week our Ateliertage "Rundum gesund" (project days "healthy all around") took place.


Groups of kids were built (around 13 kids per team) - no matter what class they attend and how old there are (exception: the pupils stick with ground level 1(+ preschool) or ground level 2). Every day they joined workshops on different topics: health, nutrition, body, sports (every teacher offers one of these workshops).


After these 5 days of hard work the whole school met in the gym, watched photos of all workshops and celebrated.


The kids had great fun - they learned a lot about health (plus we included workshops on waste separation, one of the outcomes of the Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-questionnaires), they got to know all teachers at school, they met other pupils and some also formed new friendships. Annika and Laura, two pupils from class MSK, even wrote a thank you-letter to the team of primary school Rötzergasse. Thank you!






(Have a look at the image gallery below or at our website to see photos!)

March 2014 - Project day!

In March our branch school Leopold-Ernst-Gasse managed to organise a project day on the topic healthy lifestyle! That was a lot of work! Everything worked out and the pupils were motivated and engaged very well!


In March class 1c also worked on a body project. Now they know the body parts - even in different languages! They have been very creative. The next step then was to focus on our senses. With many experiments they discovered how important senses are for our every day life.


From March 25th to 29th our headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger and teacher Bettina Fugger joined the third international Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.-meeting in Lisbon.






Body and senses project: Class 1c


Project day "Healthy Lifestyle": Branch school Leopold-Ernst-Gasse


Visit of the international meeting in Lisbon, Portugal: headmistress Gerlinde Holzinger and Bettina Fugger






(Have a look at the image gallery below or at our website to see photos!) 


February 2014 - Culture Box Portugal

In February the Portugese Culture Box arrived in Vienna! The pupils very very excited about it and learned a lot about Portugal! Thanks to the Portugese team!


We also started to work on our goals concerning the questionnaires. One of these goals was to enforce waste separation and recycling. Some classes already separate waste in their classrooms, class 1b started a waste project.






Waste project: The pupils of class 1b now know how to separate waste!


Ice skating: Some classes are learning how to ice skate. Not that easy :)



(Have a look at the image gallery below or at our website to see photos!)

January 2014 - Meeting in Tallinn and loads of work

In January we were quite busy preparing everything for the meeting in Tallinn - presents, presentation, updating our website and TwinSpace. Bettina Fugger and Manuela Lenker, our representatives at the meeting, have been very excited.


The meeting turned out to be a success, thanks to the great organisation of the Estonian team! It´s so important to meet in person from time to time in order to exchange informations about ongoing activities and, of course, the next steps within the project.


After the meeting Bettina and Manuela presented the results to the Austrian team. Both of them have been working hard, thank you for your effort!


Besides this important meeting also a lot of other activities have taken place at primary school Rötzergasse, have a look at the summary below!






Religions of the world: As there`s also a multicultural aspect in the "Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C."-partnership, all pupils of grade four (4b, 4a and MSK) joined a "religions of the world"-project. They had the opportunity to learn about different religions and visited a church, a mosque and a temple.


In the kitchen: Class 4c was baking and cooking in the kitchen and learned how to prepare food on their own. They had a lot of fun!


Red thread: Our headmistress Dipl.Päd. Gerlinde Holzinger set up a notice board for the teachers. It´s a "red thread", a guideline through our project.


Happy Book: Class 3a started with the first Happy Book. On a blackboard every pupil got a little space for his/her own. Other pupils are invited to write nice comments to their classmates.





(Have a look at the image gallery below or at our website to see photos!)

December 2013 - Teeth and Questionnaires...

In December we are still working with Slovenia`s culture box. Every class wants to have it!


Besides, the work group is busy with the questionnaire for the evaluation of the project. Manuela Lenker translates and edits it.






Christmas activities: Our school is celebrating, we are singing, dancing, storytelling,...  Some classes invited parents to spend some quality time with their kids. Pre-school, for example, was organising a gingerbread-baking and did Christmas handicrafts.


Tooth theatre: The kids enjoy a tooth theatre and learn a lot about the importance of tooth brushing and healthy nutrition.





(Have a look at the image gallery below or at our website to see photos!)

November 2013 - Culture boxes :)

In November we are working on our culture box. This activity is done by all the partner schools.


Our culture box contains 10 objects representing Austria. It´s not too easy to think of the characteristics of one`s country!


We sent our box to Croatia and soon received Slovenia`s Culture box! As you see, the kids were very excited!

But as the content of the box is a secret - we can only show you some pictures of it :)






Visit of the tooth fairy: Pupils learn about dental hygiene (healthy food, brushing teeth).






(Have a look at the image gallery below or at our website to see photos!)




October 2013 - Hosting the first international meeting

After a lot of preparation 22 colleagues from Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, France, La Reunion and Italy arrived in Vienna.


Our first international meeting took place from 13th to 17th October 2013. It was an exhausting, but also great time for us. Thanks to all of the participants, it was such a pleasure to work with you!

(For details  and photos check "Meeting in Vienna")


Besides the meeting we were also starting to implement the project intensly in school. We set up a Comenius notice board at school, updated the school website, signed up for eTwinning and Dropbox and joined the OEAD Comenius project day in Linz (Upper Austria).






Apple harvest: The pupils of class MSK actively join the apple harvest in teacher Brigitte`s garden. They learn about the apple and prepare healthy food.


Healthy breakfast: Pupils of class 3a prepare a healthy breakfast for pupils and teachers.


Healthy Halloween: The classes 4a and 4b cook a healthy pumpkin soup.


Project “MUS-E”: Three classes are collaborating with the “brunnenpassage” for a project which this year focusses on music. Once/Twice a week artists visit the kids to dance and play music.


Music: Thomas Böröcz visits class 4b and does a drum workshop with the kids.






(You´ll find photos at the image gallery below or at our website



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