healthy PI.C.N.I.C. project on the European day

 Dear friends,

We are going to present our project and closing of it on  Thursday, the7th of May 2015. We are going to present countrys of this project and  what we did (our trips, picnics, activities)  to parents and the V.I.P. of our country. We hope that  they are going to like it just how much we did. Wish us good luck. 

Bye and a nice time from your friends from Croatia: Val Horvatić, Lina Bokić, Petra Brkljač, Pala Bokić Liko, Karmelo Neumovski and Konrad Kiss.


Our neighbourhood
Pictures of France


Using photographs of France and abord, the kids take you on a trip in their imagination.

My mum
Lights in Lyon

La fête des lumières


First grade


Each child have decorated a small pot to make a luminion.

Now, we are famous : it was in the newspaper !

A happy book for the new year


    A burst of laughter,
A funny game,
A jokes

We only keep it :
In this case there is
A hidden secret.

  A picnic bag.
Inside, there are crisps
We will eat them all.

All these lights illuminate
Our eyes and the sky.

  One summer night,
Starry, rocked wind

  Movie night.
We buy a Coke
With popcorn.

  Recess time
That lasts all day.
We played too much !

  A small garden.
Some pretty flowers
And blue birds.

  A sloping street
We go down, skating,
In front of my house.

  A marbles tournament
With all our friends.
My pockets are full.

  Using glue,
We build a plane
It's flying high.

  Under the cold shower
We laugh a lot
After the pool.

  A plane ticket
To go to Canada
Tonight at midnight.

  Snow balls...
I want to throw them
At my comrades.

  A living room
Cozy, warm, just perfect
For a good rest.

  Two scoops of ice cream
With chantilly.
We long for this !

  A sand castle,
The sea, the beach and the waves,
A gentle heat...

  A bunch of ingredients
We will make a cake
eat it.

The storm is raging :
We shelter ourselves.

  A spot of lawn,
Two tee-shirts mark off the cages
We are playing football.

  With colored chalk,
We paint the rainbow
Under a beautiful cloud.

  We climb
On the closet
o steal good chocolate.
"The big laundry"

Pupils are exposing drawings in the street, beside the retirement home.


Drawings in the street


Drawings in the street


Drawings in the street

Our favorite sports


Les CM1

école Aveyron (Lyon)



5.b and 47 km of Slovenian shore :)

 We started school year great, we have been by the Slovenian coast for almost a week. Children were really good and we spent the time in Healthy P. I. C. N. I. C style :)


Kati´s Bread

 My dearest healthy picnic inspectors,


Just wanted to let you know that I have been so blessed in having all those nice words about my bread you and my friends have shared. Today, on the national Bready Day of Estonia, held in Open Air Museum where LaReunion team had their first snow :))), my bread was chosen the 3rd best bread in the contest.

It was a blind choice contest carried out among the visitors of the fair and all the other competitors were retail or wholesale companies.

Me really, I mean really, happy!!


 Tomorrow (17th of June) class 5c will present their project work about countries participating in Comenius Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C project. Pupils made wallpapers, Power Point presentations, they learned some words in the languages of the countries, they learned some songs, made some food and prepared some sketches.

Inbetween they will also perform with folk dances of foreign countries that we learned during music lessons.


Keep your fingers crossed that everything turns out well!


Estonian team received for OUR project "Healthy PICNIC" a place among 10 best eTwinning projects in Estonia. The project was nominated as the best schoolteam project. The national quality award as well as European Quality Award were given. The leader of the Estonian team got a tablet as a prize for the work. WE ARE HAPPY!



Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C. meeting in Zagreb



Dear PICNICers,


my colleagues Doris and Alex just told me that they had an AWESOME time with you in Zagreb! Thanks to

Višnja, Jasna, Henrieta and the whole Croatian team for the great organisation! Doris and Alex were really impressed and grateful for being part of this meeting.


Thanks also for all your thoughts and wishes - you really help me to carry on and hopefully get healthy soon!


I really missed all of you!! Hope to see you soon!!! :)


Hugs and kisses,



Pupils and their parents preparing healthy food in Zagreb

Students, their parents and teachers are preparing healthy meals in the school kitchen.

This event was accompanied by the media.

Published an article in the daily newspaper.




Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C. meeting in Lisbon!

Hello Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C.ers in Lisbon!


Unfortunately I can`t even join this meeting - I´m soooooo sad :(

Meanwhile I was working on our TwinSpace, edited and added some information, because I`m thinking of you and the meeting all the time.

I hope you enjoy spending time in Portugal!

Can`t wait to see some photos and read reports!


Have a great evening tonight :)

Hope to see you soon!

Greetings from Austria!!!



Six million paper boats for a different/better childhood





The  Sharing-Giving-Helping activity "Six million paper boats for a

different/better childhood" is a part of the N component of

our project name Healthy PICNIC. The activity is organized by a secondary

school from Maribor (School of Economics) in order to help underprivileged children from Kalkota (Piali Ashar School). The aim of the activity is to collect 6 million paperboats made by pupils and students in order to honour all the victims of the holocaust and genocide  in the past and the present, to raise awareness and help to prevent from such things ever happening again.

The paperboats will be exhibited as an art instalation in Maribor from

March 17-21, and after that sold to a recycling company. The money

will be given to the Indian school mentioned above.



Pupils from Radovljica-SLO (Ema, Nina, Maruša and Luka) first time on TWIN CHAT


Pupils were talking with their Comenius friends from Croatia for the first time. They had fun!

Healthy P.I.C.N.I.C. in Vienna

A local newspaper just published an article on our project!

Source: Wiener Bezirksblatt Hernals Nr. 2. 27./28.1.2014, page 4

Second meeting in Tallinn, Estonia - Jan 2014

The Second meeting in Tallinn, Estonia

14-18 January 2014

Day 1

All the participants arrived during the period of 11-14 January 2014, in order ot get to know Estonian culture, Tallinn, but more to get to know each other.

On the first night all the participants went to the local beer house which is much in the Austrian style - just to enjoy the spirit and warmth of Austria we got to know in October.

Day 2 - International meals day

The day started with an international breakfast at the hotel: fruits, jams, homemade bakery products, cheese, fresh juices were brought. It is absolutely great to try and experience food and get to know the partner countries by different senses.

The first project work and planning at school focused on introducing the whole week, having a look at TwinSpace + Blog + dropbox + Newsletter time. Jasna from Croatia showed the partners once again how to upload things on etwinning, how to add visitors. Maja shortly showed how dropbox words. The headmaster Mehis Pever came to greet the partners and shortly gave an overview of the Estonian schoolsystem and Tallinn Co-Educational school. The first session of the working time ended by making an oral report of the ongoing projects by each partner.

Next two students from 10th form and 11th form took the partners on a tour around the schoolhouse and then the partners were expected to meet the teachers of the school.

Lunch was eaten at school  -a regular one students also get. The first half of the day ended with a concert where folk dance groups, choirs, flute ansambles, zither ansamble, ballroom dancers, solo artists performed. At the end of the concert all people in the hall were invited to sing a song together.

In the evening all partners prepared their national dish in the cooking class of Tallinn Co-Educational School which were later all together enjoyed.

Day 3 - International Cooperation day

The day started with lesson observation and visits to classes. Altogether 16 classes were expected to visit: English, Estonian, maths, IT, handicraft, ballroom dancing, music, physical education. The age groups varied from 1st formers (the age of 7) to 8th formers (the age of 14). 

Next the project work and planning at school focused on comparing the results of the lifestyle questionnaires, drawing conclusions and having a follow-up discussion. Those partners who had included additional questions, were expected to share them with the partners.

Also upcoming visits to Portugal, Croatia and Italy were discussed and agreed.

The next activity - a photohunt - there you have to find a place in the Old Town and take a topical picture in front of that, was led by the students again. As it was quite cold by that time in the town already, Croatia, Austria, and Slovenia took part in that. it was enjoyable and quite funny!

The evening ended in the National Opera house where the operette "Savoy Ball" was played. In the intermission the headmaster´s greetings with cakes and coffee were enjoyed.

Day 4 - Estonian culture day

The day started with a short project work and planning at school:  setting, composing the Action Plan(s) for improving the skills and acquiring knowledge and competences planned in the »Healthy PICNIC« project. The details for making a calender were discussed and agreed and the deadlines set.

On the Estonian day the partners were taken to the Open Air Museum in Tallinn where they had a chace to get to know the real Estonian history and food. There was a tour around the museum area, then national Estonian dishes like peasoup, pumpkin pancakes and curd was offered. And of course the famous Estonian handicraft was practically tried out: dry felting.

LaReunion partners, who had not seen or tasted snow before, were taken to the hill to sledge and were asked to try the snow a little:).

The wer last night was spent at the Peppersack restaurant where food was accompanied by the sword fight and a belly-dancer.

Day 5 - Farewell

What inspiring time and wonderful partners!

See you soon in Portugal, 25-29 March 2014




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