Art & Architecture

 Work done with our 5th graders and their teachers Belén Fernández.


Exploring the Louvre Museum, the modern glass Pyramide year 4 found momies!


Here are some pictures taken Friday 21st in the wonderful building near our school where the Italian Embassy expose the restaured painting from ROSSO FIORENTINO


Art in the City: The 6th grade students visited the Byzantine - Christian Museum of Athens and studied art forms such as iconography, fresco, sculpture.
The images from this beautiful experience are in the following LINK


here some pictures of 4th and 5th grades in Leonardo da Vinci traying to make their city buildings during their English Art lesson. Look and enjoy as we did!

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Here is the video made last May, the 28th when all classes from Kindegarden to year 5 in LdV school in PAris built their city, Children worked together in cooperative way :


a book for playing and colouring

 play with Roman monuments!!


Safari in the city Centre

 On 7th may classes 4th vidited a museum of ancient civilizations , the Barracco museum, and then we did a Safari tour with our cameras, looking for stone animals and living animals in the streets

In class they wrote reports and researches about the monuments and fountains and decided to edit a video with their voices explaining their findings

Here the video



How do you know "others" by making art out of nothing:The art of collage
How can some old posters from the Athens Olympic Games and an old diary, which I brought with me from Paris,
give us beautiful moments with my students and experienced us art forms from France that we are not aware.
Vintage Helsinki

 For Helsinki friends and for those who were at the meeting in Septeber.. a nice collection of photos

lezione e architettura Grecia antica

Visual art performance

  It was in Paris but I liked it 

so much that I want to share with  you...

In the Paris metro 

 Don't you feel that we could do the same with pur children in other cities??


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