Our project outcomes

 Dear friends,


I believe that we still have some time left to finish our project work successfully. I suggest that we should keep working and finish the missing parts. The plan of the project is great, it is worth finishing!


What is your opinion? Let me know, please! 





 Are you watching WINTER OLYMPICS? I am! We've already got 4 GOLD MEDALS: two  in ski jumping (Kamil Stoch x2), one in 10km coss-country skiing (Justyna Kowalczyk) and one in speed skating (Zbigniew Bródka). I hope for more...


Lucie, I saw your Eva Samkova winning! I was keeping my fingers crossed for her! She was SPLENDID and AWESOME! I loved her moustache! CON-GRA-TU-LA-TIONS!!!


Write about your impressions and medals:)

Food dictionary in different languages

 Hi friends,


This morning we began learning and practising new words - the words in different languages, partners´ languages.

As soon as we learn them we will make a video. Have you already started this activity, too?


The Czech team

Merry Christmas...

 I know, I know... We are late, but we had some technical problems...



HAPPY 2014 from Poland!

New Year 2013 Cards Images
New Year 2013 Cards Pictures - Quotes - Photobucket



"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day".
Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Happy New Year wishes from Třinec, the Czech team

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Merry Christmas to all of our partners!

Dear friends,

May this Christmas bring Peace and Joy for all!

Merry Christmas!


Lucie and the Czech team



 Hi there,

My students keep asking me why some of you aren't active... I don't know what I should  tell them and what I should do in this situation... If you have problem s with doing a task or you are going to do it later - let us know... I would also like to ask those who haven't done anything: ARE YOU STILL WITH US? Let us know ASAP. Otherwise, you won't be able to continue the work from the beginning of January - I am sorry to say that...


 Dear partners,


Our Polish friends started completing the chart, we (Czech students) have added our part today. Now it is up to you! Go ahead! We are waiting for your suggestions!

Lucie and the Czech team

Comments on Turkish eating habits

 Dear Turkish friends,

We admit that your cuisine seems to be healthier, it looks very tasty - according to your presentation. You are using a lot of vegetables in your various dishes, we would like to have something similar in our country and to change a little bit our traditional eating habits to eat healthier.

November has already started, new activities are waiting for us

 Hello friends,


We have just finished our October tasks. Now we are beginning the next one. We hope that you are having a great time, although it is such a nasty weather outside.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


All the best


Lucie and Czech students

Add your comments to our Wiki, please:)

 Dear friends,


  • Today Czech students updated their profiles and commented questions in Wiki (2nd task - school lunches). Could you add your comments, too, please?

 Thank you in advance


  • Regarding our task 2 - writing about our school lunches, I suggest that all of us could upload our work in Microsoft Word. Afterwards one of us could put it together and publish as our common work, it is important to have a common final product, not separated products...eTwinning means mainly our mutual collaboration.


Do not hesitate and share your ideas with us



Happy Teacher's Day!


Ismail suggested that creating a blog site or an online portal would be better than an e-book - all of us would have a password then and we would always have a chance to update the data... What is your opinion? I like the idea - how about you? I even like it more if Ismail creates the site..:)







E-BOOK - help wanted!

We are looking for friendly, easy and free software to write an e-book. We've found some, but it turned out they are not perfect... Any ideas???

MORE SUGGESTIONS - using different web tools

 Hi Alicja, hi all our project partners,


Czech students would like to use more web tools to improve their ICT skills. This year we have at our school a Comenius assistant who can help us with the work, it is great


Do you mind us using PREZI presentations instead of Power Point ppt, for example?


Take care




 Hi Everybody,

I would like you to know that I am open to your suggestions about the project and ways of presenting the tasks. It's up to you, your imagination, creativity and abilities. Good luck and have a good time:)

Alicja / Poland

Let's take off!

 Hello Everybody,


  I've told my class about our project and they feel very excited about it.  So, I created an e-twinning team in the class and I've invited them to the twinspace.  That's a great beginning for us.

Hope we'll have great time together with our European friends

Best Wishes

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