Work Plan

                                                                     eTwinning Project

                                                      Under the Rainbow

                                                                 Oct/Nov 2013 - May 2014


                                                                 Project Ideas

All Partners
Introduce Ourselves/ Our Country/  Our Flag/ Our Village
«   Upload video/slideshow on Twinspace
«   Each partner makes Logo of ‘Under the Rainbow’
«   Vote for best logo
«   Choose rainbow colour to place each flag
«   Each participant will select mascot (soft toy) who will reveal cultural differences as we go along....
«   Set up Video Conference – children say hello in native language
«   Read Book  - The Rainbow Fish/ video/online game
«   Traditional game/custom/food – photostory/PPT/slideshow
Christmas/Winter Season
«   Traditions during the yuletide season
«   Outing – how Christmas crib/ pasturi  (Christmas figurines) are made
«   Rehearsals of Christmas concert
«   Creating Christmas crafts within school premises
«   Video Conference – saying/singing  traditional Christmas songs in native language
«   Growing Christmas plant (gulbiena)
«   Traditional Festivities /customs/foods in our country
«   Video/ PPT/slideshow of Christmas Activities
Colours/ Nature
«   Colours:  introducing lighter/darker shades of the rainbow colours
«   Science experiment: adding white or black to acquire lighter/darker shades eg Morning and Night are different shades of blue
«   Nature: How the rainbow comes to be... video, science experiment
«   Singing songs relating to Rainbows
«   What can we do to sustain nature?
«   Which flowers grow during the coldest season?
«   Which is the National flower of each country involved in the project
«   Continue working with our Mascot
«   The monthly proverb
«   Traditional game/custom/food  associated with this month
«   Presentations on Twinspace
Diversity awareness
«   Carnival / carnival costumes
«   Different countries of the World necessitate different languages ie Malta > Maltese,
France > French
«   Diversity of  races, beliefs, traditions, practices, costumes
«   Variety of careers, occupations, (people who help us)
«   Persons with disabilities (inclusion) > how can we be of service?
«   Traditional games associated with this month
«   The monthly proverb (folk wisdom): Recording on video
«   Inviting Grandparents to our classroom to narrate some past traditions
«   Presentations on Twinspace
«   Continue working on eBook with mascot
Maths – Directions/ Length/Command/Size/Volume
«   Apply for QUALITY LABEL
«   Directions/length/commands/size/volume
«   Introduce Skeleton song as it shows right/left – directions
«   Comparing children in height/weight
«   Science experiment using different bottles/containers to see the volume
«   What money currency is used in each collaborating country?
«   Use a traditional game to show numbers – Hopscotch  (il Passju for us Maltese)
«   Make use of weighing scales and use different objects found in classroom or from school garden.
«   Saying the alphabet in native language and make use of audio/video
«   Prepare for Easter
«   Our mascot – ebook to continue
«   Our monthly proverb.
«   Presentations on Twinspace
 Animal Awareness
«   Outing – Animal Sanctuary
«   Continue preparation for Easter ( some partner countries may have their Easter later than ours)
«   Animals – jungle, farm, domestic, air, sea
«   What do animals eat? Diversity in foods.
«   In what way can we Love/care for animals be
«   Comparing animals’ skin, fur, sounds, size
«   The Life cycle of a butterfly – Read the hungry caterpillar story/ watch video/ apply any ICT games re story.  Dramatize the story
«   Life cycle of a frog – watch the video online. Dramatize the story
«   Which is the national animal of each participating country?
«   Comparing all mascots since we have different animals.
«   The monthly proverb
«   Traditional game/story regarding animal (if possible)
«   Record videos/ photos on twinspace.
«   Continue Mascot ebook
Winding down of project
«   Video Conference: Time to say goodbye/thank you – both in English and in national language.
«   Each partner to produce and read ebook during video conference
«   Also to sing a traditional song during video conference
«   The traditional game/food/costume
«   Upload monthly proverb on Twinspace
«   Upload on Twinspace all work ie PPT. slideshows, videos, photostories, photos, and other  Web 2.0 tools used
« Celebrating the closure of the project with party, singing, dancing, balloons and wearing eTwinning colours
The End