Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence

Here are our activities aimed at empowering these two types of intelligence.
Although Gardner classifies interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences separately, there is a lot of interplay between the two and they are often grouped together. These types of intelligence are both connected to interaction with peers/with oneself. 


Interpersonal intelligence is the core capacity to notice distinctions among others, particularly contrasts in their moods, temperaments, motivations and intentions (Gardner, 1993, p 42. Intrapersonal intelligence has to do with introspective and self-reflective capacities, as well as with having a deep understanding of the self. It can be seen as the internalised version of the interpersonal intelligence.
More details about ways to involve students with these dominant intelligence types in Math activities are to be found in our pedagogical guide. 


Let's play a math game! 

To see hgow the students in France have already started preparing the game, go here and here! 

See the Board Game document in the Library on this page for the details of the activity!






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PREZI about french mathematicians in a timeline :




ONLINE QUIZ about european mathematicians, calculations and equations :



Click on the image and see Ada Lovelace's Fakebook profile!



By Adriana

By Anda


By Monica


By Mara

OUR PARTNERS IN NUMBERS- seen by the students in Bucharest





Statistics from Alonso de Madrigal

Students in 4th ESO work on statistics



A Piece of Pie in Matera
The Mathematician's job
Vito Volterra
Claudius Ptolemy

The Romanian Math Syllabus

The Romanian Maths Syllabus

The Dutch curriculum of mathematics

The whole curriculum of mathematics in the Netherlands.docx

A piece of pie in Amsterdam by the Matrix boys

piece of pie Matrix boys.xlsx

For those great Mathematicians in the project: Living by a Mathematician

Students in 2nd ESO Bilingual had a group task for this section, trying to find out as much information as they oculd aobut how living with a Mathematician could be. Our intention is to interview more people, but as an starter, they got me. 



Living with a Mathematician. Part 1 from amadrigalenglish on Vimeo.

Living with a Mathematician. Part 2 from amadrigalenglish on Vimeo.

A piece of pie in Amsterdam by the calculators

Price for whole package Calculators.docx

A piece of pie in Amsterdam by AIM
A piece of pie in Amsterdam by Mathstatic
A piece of pie in amsterdam divide and conquer
A piece of pie in Amsterdam by the Mixed couple
A piece of pie in Amsterdam by the square root ninjas
A piece of pie in Amsterdam by Me + Me
A piece of pie in Amsterdam by the Modals
Sara, Laura, Sergio and Pablo make a cake
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