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Comenius 2013

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Kaarlo Tauno Aleksanteri

 Today we have finally named our puppet the School Elf. He has been given names after our school, Aleksanteri Kenan koulu, Kaarrostientoimipiste. The middlename is name that our 6th year pupils wanted to give him. All those three names are traditional Finnish names for boys. Kaarlo and Tauno aren't very popular at the moment, but Aleksanteri is quite common. And I loaded a video where Kaarlo Tauno Aleksanteri tells a little about himself. 

The Prezi is loaded...

 Europe on a String, the fox and the four seasons Prezi


The Prezi presents the four seasons in Finland. The 5th yeqr pupils have studied the Finnish nature in science and they have made some art work to show how Finland has four different seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

Europe on a String.....files are back

 I was a bit conserned when all our schools files disapeared, but when I logged in the Twinspace this morning and started pressing all the buttons I got the files back! Yes! Now Finland is ready for the first meeting in Belgium.

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