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Autumn in our classroom - Brasov, Romania
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All Saints' Day - collage - 1st grade
Autumn in Croatia - collection - 1st - 4th grade
Autumn in Croatia - apples and pears
We continue enjoing Autumn

In the school hall our pupils have displayed their work of Art considering
Autumn - Part 2.



Autumn in OŠ Vladimira Nazora, Pribislavec, Croatia



Our pupils Marta Žganec and Marta Lehkec have displayed in the school hall the pupils work of Art considering - AUTUMN - .

After the motivation which took place in the school garden and in the class, we went on painting autumn fruits and vegetables in contrasts of primary and secondary colours using tempera.

In the class we continued to study magnificent autumn leaves with their colours, shapes, structures, differences and similarities and this part of the job was done in ink. On the end the re composition was something that pupils have really enjoyed a lot.

While drawing and painting pupils have written some haiku poems too. The poems will be used as the motivation for our second step which considers the field of illustration.


Here are the pupils who were interested in this Project and have their drawings and paintings displayed on the board: Lea Hasnaš, Tamara Oršoš, Ivana Ujlaki and Mihaela Hofman - age 14, Marta Žganec, Marta Lehkec and Karla Makar - age 12, Petra Oršuš, Martina Trstenjak and Aleksandar Grkavac - age 11.


Teacher: Blaženka Križan



Autumn in the Lithuanian students' drawings and handicrafts

Autumn drawings of romanian students 3rd grade
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